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The Business Value of a Customer Data Platform

The era of personlization is here, but few businesses are getting it right. It’s not their fault, the CDP space has been woefully underserved – but that’s changing. There are now viable CDPs on the market, and the potential for data activation and personalization are near-endless. Here’s how a CDP can improve the way your organization works.

Meiro is here!

We’ve seen far too many companies that are unable to realize the potential of their data – so we decided to do something about it. The result is Meiro, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that unifies your data, builds rich customer profiles, and creates enriched custom audiences to be delivered to any customer activation platform – with just a few clicks.

Meiro | Our Manifesto

Our team has been working with data for years, and we’ve heard the same refrain time and time again from marketers: They need a real solution to their data problems. They know they have “big” data, they know that they know quite a bit about their customers, but they don’t have the tools to activate that data to actually reach audiences as individuals with unique messages.