CDP Institute recognized Meiro as a Real CDP

It’s a complex world for marketers today, with disparate & ever-growing quantities of customer data. Of course, that’s where a CDP comes in – to stitch a complete, comprehensive single view of the customer. CDP Institute – the leading authority on CDPs in the martech universe, has for years acted as a guiding light for marketers & techies alike, towards the best practices of a CDP and through their martech journey. Most recently, Meiro is proud to be recognized as the “real CDP” and validated by the CDP Institute, a respected, independent industry analyst. Besides, CDPI has ranked Meiro as a top-performing and the most featureful Customer Data Platform.

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CDP Institute as a member & contributor to share its unique knowledge & insights with this community. And together, work to create a mutually beneficial exchange on CDP-based resources.

About CDP Institute

CDP Institute provides vendor-neutral information about issues, methods, and technology related to customer data management in general and to Customer Data Platforms (CDP) in particular. Their activities include publishing of educational materials, news about industry developments, creation of best practice guides and benchmarks, and a directory of industry vendors.

Seeking to demystify CDPs to the world, CDP Institute is a veritable repository of all things data to the world. If you’re a marketer in the process of implementing a CDP, thinking about switching your martech toolkit around or even simply want to know more about the basics of a CDP – CDP Institute is the right place to begin.

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About Meiro – and our plans

As experts in customer data ourselves, Meiro will be contributing our case-studies & thought pieces to the library and blog on CDP Institute’s website. With our additions, we plan to forge even further into the strengths of our CDP – digging deeper into 1st & 3rd party cookies and solving for marketing 2.0 in this new era, as well as sharing our most useful case-studies.
As always, we will continue to update our faithful fans of our content on our blog too – and use our new standing to bring you the freshest insights from the world of data.


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