Connect Salesforce ecosystem with any customer data source with Meiro CDP

Salesforce is the world’s most known CRM platform dominating the worldwide CRM market with over 23% market share in 2021. The reason why companies use CRM is simple: CRM allows you to efficiently unify functions of the business and archive all the important information about customer success. CRMs are widely used by marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT team so they can all work as one from anywhere.

Holistic integration capability of Meiro CDP

Data architecture within the organization can be tricky, with all the ad systems, platforms, and tools needed to compete in the digital age. As a Salesforce user, you probably are aware of the complexity of the Salesforce environment which can be overwhelming for a user. That is where Meiro can help you. All the data activation will easily happen within CDP without you changing a single thing about your data architecture. 

You don’t need to buy more integrations or give away systems you are used to. Meiro CDP integrates everything together without additional cost. You will streamline the customer relationship management process by connecting all the valuable customer information to Meiro CDP.

Effectiveness of Meiro CDP & Sales Force

Your CRM system can be one of the sources of information about your customers or other business relationships. The situation where you store the data about your customers in many different places becomes very difficult when you need to access all the data at once to see a bigger picture. 

That’s where Meiro CDP plays a crucial role. The customer data platform takes all the customer data not only from the CRM system but also from social media ads, email communication, customer service communication, etc., and neatly brings it together. 

CDP will create customer profiles with all the relevant information stored in one place. With rich data like that, your company has the power to create an outstanding customer experience and truly personalized marketing activation. 

Drive more personalized engagement to utilize Salesforce with Meiro CDP

Meiro offers integration with data collected by Salesforce and enables you to load and enrich data back to the Salesforce environment. Meiro CDP smoothly connects your data from Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. While using Meiro CDP, you’d be able to activate data from Salesforce on other platforms (check out all our integrations available for Meiro users).

What is the added value of these integrations? Your company doesn’t have to worry about changing your tools, or switching from platforms you are used to. Meiro solves this puzzle with its limitless connectivity.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

This B2C or B2B commerce cloud helps businesses to increase conversion rates and keeps you well informed about our commerce platform. Again this tool works wonders for your sales team. When connected to Meiro CDP, all the data from all your data sources are unified and ready to be activated in any other platform you choose.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

If your focus is on closing deals, this is a great tool for your business. This CRM helps your team to track your business opportunities and have all your contacts handy. When this Salesforce Sales Cloud is connected to Meiro CDP you’ll get stitched all the information from marketing campaigns, website activity, and more in one place.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

The last cloud we have on our menu today is Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It can work as a data warehouse that stores the marketing data in one place. This tool can help you to create marketing communication automation or manage social media activity. Unlike Meiro CDP, your team will probably need a specialized team to run this tool. When this tool is integrated with Meiro CDP anyone even without an analytical background can work with this data.

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