Deliver a comprehensive experience online and offline through OOH with Meiro’s new partner, Moving Walls

We are glad to announce we have a new partner on board with us – Moving Walls, an adtech company that is based in Singapore with presence in USA, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Nigeria.

Moving Walls brings programmatic advertising practices to Out Of Home media

Moving Walls is focused on enabling brands to measure, reach, and influence consumers on the move. They put a modern twist to the traditional media, Out of Home media, by adding on digital capabilities and programmatic advertising practices. Their Moving Audiences online platform empowers brands to plan, deliver, and monitor Out-of-Home media advertising campaigns to provide a comprehensive online and offline experience for customers.

This partnership re-enforces our goal to integrate offline and online marketing

We are focused on solving problems around executing omnichannel marketing strategies across online and offline channels. While helping companies implement Meiro CDP to maximise their customer data, we notice that there was an untapped opportunity for them to reach their customers while keeping a consistent customer experience. It was Out of Home media. With Moving Walls, companies using Meiro CDP can now execute their omnichannel marketing strategy by activating their first-party data through Out of Home advertising. Which will be done digitally and with the capability to be done programmatically.

The partnership will enable Meiro’s clients to target audiences on the move as an extension to Meiro’s CDP. While Meiro’s CDP captures complete customer data during an interaction with the brands, retailers and real estate players will also benefit from building integrated first-party data on their media assets. This makes their Out-of-Home (OOH) assets attractive to brands who want to track and optimise their ad strategy on omnichannel touchpoints.

“We are thrilled to partner with Moving Walls as we believe this partnership will enable our clients to drive better results from DOOH advertising and also connect customer’s offline and online journeys. The industry is moving towards multi-touch attribution and OOH is an essential customer touchpoint where Meiro would close the loop across channels,” said Manish Gambhir, Meiro Partnerships and Business Solutions Manager.

Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and Group CEO of Moving Walls states “Our partnership with Meiro delivers an omnichannel advertising reach solution to leading brands who have harnessed their first-party data using Meiro’s technology. They can now seamlessly reach out to similar audiences using large outernet digital screens. The Moving Walls’ patented audiences measurement platform optimises a brand’s media spends and retargets them in different stages in their offline journey.”

“I also believe that this partnership creates an Offline-to-Online (O2O) media solution that enables businesses with a strong retail footprint to build a media business leveraging their first-party data and first-party media,” he adds.

With this new partnership, we can create a comprehensive customer experience across online and offline channels that will deliver better marketing results for our clients.

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