Retarget anonymous web visitors on Facebook with Meiro

Facebook (Meta) is a leading ad platform with more than 2.8 billion people using it every single month and together with Google and Amazon, accounting for 75% of global digital ad spending.

The average CDP or e-mail automation platform enables integration with Facebook custom audiences, these days. This is done through synchronization of the main customer identifier – in this case, it’s a list of email addresses with the consent of the contact. Meiro CDP can do this as well.

However, if you’re using custom audiences on Facebook with email identifiers alone, you are reaching out to only a fraction of your potential targeting audience.

Meiro brings you a more powerful integration with Facebook Ads

We can now capture and store Facebook pixel data in the form of a first-party cookie.

  1. Much greater reach: Now you can engage all the users through Facebook ads who have provided their consent on your website, irrespective of you having their primary identifiers.
  2. Hyper-flexible targeting: Due to the much longer lifetime of the Meiro first-party cookies, you can activate the audiences as per your marketing objectives without worrying about cookie expiration. This becomes a limitation for many other marketing cloud platforms, which can typically only activate this data in the immediate term.

How this integration works

Meiro collects the ID of every single website visitor and pairs it with Meiro’s first-party web ID (to learn more about what makes Meiro Web tracking better, click here).

The added value of using CDP and therefore being a 1st party data collector is the longevity of the stored information. With Meiro CDP the identifiers are stored usually for 2 years whereas the advertising ID as Facebook or Google ID expires in users’ browsers very quickly – typically within 1 week on more pro-privacy browsers.

Thanks to first-party data in Meiro CDP you can segment your audience based on hundreds of parameters such as age, location, lifetime spend, brand preferences, or advanced options like customer scoring or churn prediction. These audience segments are retargeted in Facebook Ads and Instagram.

Facebook Pixel ID

Facebook new integration FAQ

  • Does this mean I should stop using Facebook custom audiences?
    – No, this is an extension that allows you to target anonymous website visitors, instead of just those you have email & consent (which is usually a small % of your database).
  • Can I use integration without given marketing consent?
    – No. Meiro web ID operates exactly like Pixel ID, which means we are only allowed to collect data when consented. This also means that you have to have Facebook covered in your legal documents.

What else can Meiro do with Facebook?

Get your Facebook advertising to another level with Meiro CDP and if you are not sure how to use our integrations do not hesitate to reach out to our team!

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