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One of the important features that CDP brings to the table is a single customer view build from various data sources during the identity resolution management process. But where is the single customer view coming from? And how does it appear?The latest Meiro features | March 2021

Identify your customers and track clearly their customer journey

It may seem hard to understand how all data collected from various sources, suddenly resulting in a single customer view. One may wonder how is it even possible since various data sources hold different customer’s information, in different formats. To help you understand how customer entities appear from various data sources we display for each and every customer profile – identity graph. But hold on, can I really see graphs for each customer from my 20 million customer database? Exactly!

Imagine Jane Lim visiting a banking app on her mobile phone, laptop, filling the form on the website. Now, how would you know all these actions were made by the same person?

Let’s see how Meiro does the identity resolution

Meiro is one of the specialist CDP vendors who can cover all types of set up. When it comes to identity management, flexibility is the key. In Meiro CDP, our real-time identity resolution algorithm is capable of combining various unique keys, cookies, hashes or other digital tokens of identity. In this process, we can construct a simple view of the end user-customer, more complex household structure or account structure for B2B use cases. In this way, our single customer profiles are accurate, hold a complete picture of your customers, so the overall quality of your customer database is better.

identity resolution management

Look at Jane Lim’s example, we can see that across all her activities and various data sources her identity has been stitched together into one customer profile. We can see that she first checks your bank web page on her laptop (HP, Windows, browser Microsoft Edge), after that she makes a transaction through a banking app on the smartphone (Samsung Android).

What happens to the data when the identity resolution recognizes the same person on two different touchpoints? Like the identity itself, it merges all data into one customer profile. We see that this is not a ‘market standard’ for all vendors, but if you are serious about your customers’ history, you can’t leave any of their data behind, just because of an imperfect data management process.

For each customer, we display an identity graph

In a transparent and easy way, it shows you how your customer profile has been built and how various identifiers are stitched together from various sources.  Even more, we can see in which action each event is rooted.

Identity resolution

We can also investigate this event in the customer timeline and see what happened before and after the event. In this case, before she installed the app on her OPPO android, then on the same smartphone submitted contact form (Mozilla browser), after that from the same device and browser she visited the website. We can also see that before she used various devices, as well as various browsers.

Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution

Now, what can I do with this information? First of all, it helps to understand the whole process called “identity resolution management” mentioned above which is about how your single customer view appeared. Not only that, but it also helps to spot suspicious profiles that need further investigations. For example, imagine a customer profile with a suspicious number of events in a short timeframe or multiple emails identified for the same customer. It may mean various things really, from an office assistant using the same computer to books various travels for the whole team, to a security threat or fraud. One is for sure, it needs further investigation. Each case is different.

Not every CDP has such a complex identity resolution

First of all, the identity resolution algorithm differs from others out there in the market. Companies claim to display your single customer view, but it is often very limited since they usually define only one unique customer through one email address across all data sources. This is far from perfect because your customers are interacting with your brands on different touchpoints and often use different IDs in the process. Your customer database “grows” but with multiplied entities not properly matched together.

The result is that you, for example, may target the same customer twice or more times with the same marketing campaign or you may not segment that customer as it will seem that his profile does not correspond with conditions you set, while in fact, he does.

Intimate knowledge of your customers –  Advanced Customer Insights

Besides the identity graph, we worked on various smaller enhancements mostly based on our client’s wishlist. Most importantly we enhance our well-known feature “Insights” with a redesigned layout and with an expanded option to display more details. We also added new conditions for insights (“between” for dates and numbers, “matching current day/ month/year” for dates). Fo find out more about audience segmentation and segment insights visit our Smart segmentation page.

Identity Resolution

Connect even more data, thanks to unlimited connectivity

Last but not least, Meiro Integrations library is constantly growing, this time welcome new integrations: Optimizely, Clockify and Zoom connectors, Sendinblue, The Trade Desk loaders. Learn more about currently available data integrations and watch the video to fully understand the importance of identity resolution.


That’s it for now. Stay tuned and do not miss any important updates. Check out all our product releases and see what else we’re working on.

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