Meiro product updates: smart segments, identity access management, more integrations

Smooth data activation 

Let’s have a look at the data management problems from a business perspective. We are constantly working on our product and developing new features based on business needs. Here is a short update on what we have worked on and you might not know it.
Committed to delivering the best possible data experience we are changing, and we are changing fast. We are going into the direction of helping our clients to use the data in a more efficient and effective way.

In the article, we are going to show you three of the most significant features in. The first topic is the security of the data, which is a big one for us. The same time improving the experience of analysts working in the backstage of the data scene is an ongoing commitment from our side and that is topic number two. In the third part of this post, let me introduce our newest integrations.


Stay fast and efficient with Smart Segments

Our clients share a wide range of backgrounds. We understand that for some of them, “audience segmentation” may sound intimidating and scary. As Meiro is strongly committed to making working with data easy and pleasant, we addressed this challenge with Smart Segments.

They mean to help teams to orientate quickly within the most common segments that bring high marketing value. This is a great starting point for learning how segmentation works and how to make the best out of it.

Those are the examples of segments groups possible to set:

  • Customer lifetime, age groups, location
  • Total spend, spending frequency and recency
  • Customer interaction, channel engagements, favourite devices, email subscription, permission to contact, source

This feature is customizable to each client, so it is possible to build the most relevant segments that are needed for the team. Easy to use and very intuitive Smart Segments help teams to learn about their audience, as well as cooperate on user segmentation in a quick way.

Learn more about Smart Segments.


Improve your security with personalized user roles

Another feature that can not pass unnoticed is creating your own user roles with a set of permissions that fits. Maintaining private data of customers comes with high responsibility, this feature helps our client to keep the security precaution to the highest level and share only the data that is needed.  

Imagine, your company works with a marketing agency that maintains your marketing campaigns on all social media channels and you want them to build the campings based on data, but without direct access to it. No worries! With a few clicks create a user role with no access to PII data and access only to the features that are needed. It is easy, but most importantly very safe.

Learn more about user roles and permissions. 

Connect even more data

And last but not least, let’s talk about connectivity and our new integrations onboard. Now you can connect your customer’s data from Magento connector – an open-source and e-commerce platform. Plus, you can load your segments to Kafka loader (event streaming platform) and Pipedrive loader (cloud-base sales software) 

Learn more about currently available data integrations. 

Stay tuned and do not miss any important updates. Check out all our product releases and see what else we’re working on.

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Pavel Bulowski

CMO | Co-Founder Pavel stands behind all the smooth operations and business growth. You would run into him in the queue at airports rather than in one place. Besides that, he enjoys chess, boxing, and history.

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