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Under the hood of a Customer Data Platform

DATA NERD ALERT! So far we have focused on the business problems from the point of view of marketers and business problem owners. In this post, we let you in on the magic that happens under the hood. Our CTO will walk you through our approach to data engineering as connectivity is a critical function of a Customer Data Platform.

What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

One could say that marketing technology is a world full of alternative facts. Sales decks boasting functionality that the product’s developers often never heard of, not to mention the complexity of the growing tech vendor landscape. No wonder the user get easily confused about what it what, how does one technology category overlap with this one and differs from that one.

Meiro is here!

We’ve seen far too many companies that are unable to realize the potential of their data – so we decided to do something about it. The result is Meiro, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that unifies your data, builds rich customer profiles, and creates enriched custom audiences to be delivered to any customer activation platform – with just a few clicks.

Meiro | Our Manifesto

Our team has been working with data for years, and we’ve heard the same refrain time and time again from marketers: They need a real solution to their data problems. They know they have “big” data, they know that they know quite a bit about their customers, but they don’t have the tools to activate that data to actually reach audiences as individuals with unique messages.