Digital Data Analyst CZ/SG


In this role, we are looking to add to our team an experienced digital marketing analyst with experience in web analytics focus an experience aka cookie monster. It is a fairly broad role in which you will be involved in client projects, web tracking implementation, campaign measurement, precision marketing initiatives or fine customer segmentation projects. We are more interested in the cultural fit and attitude, in the end, we are a pretty odd bunch. You have to have a healthy dose of curiosity, critical thinking and growth mindset. You will mostly work on implementation with dedicated senior project manager and sales and account team so the business administration is taken care of. If you have pedigree from media or digital agency, you are already half way there!


See below a few things which are essential for this role:
  • You ABSOLUTELY need to be a “LOSQL” (Lord of SQL). We come across all flavors of SQL on a daily basis. How to construct efficient queries for transforming and cleaning data. If something is not fast/efficient enough, could an index here and there help?
  • Be medium proficient in Python which you will need for data transformation that SQL is not able to handle or too slow
  • You should be pretty familiar with all common types of commercially used databases, but most importantly PostgreSQL
  • Be familiar with consuming REST APIs!
  • Have some experience with building ETL pipeline either, custom script built or designed in enterprise products
  • Be familiar with basic data structures (data types i.e.integers, strings) and data modeling and data schema
  • Know essential data transfer formats (CSV, JSON), and be familiar with finding exact  information inside API documentation
  • Last but not least, you must have exposure to the business, this is essential. You should know what CRM is and some awareness of what digital marketing is about, how customer segmentation is done. Business experience is key. An analyst at Meiro works face to face with clients and solves real-world business problems.
For this role data visualization in tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Metabase or Data Studio is really important as well as an understanding of the martech and adtech ecosystem and the digital tracking play around web and mobile apps.
If this got you excited, take a stab, send us a nice note, and tell us about the projects you did. The resume also helps but links to your GIT are better. The Linkedin profile is fine too. You can reach us at [email protected].


The founding team of Meiro has 8 years of presence in the Singapore and APAC market with a wide range of experience from digital analytics to enterprise software.  At Meiro, through our product and know-how, we are solving the data fragmentation problem most brands experience. Our Customer Data Platform once and for all creates the ultimate single view of customers. Yes, we know that is something every software vendor talks about, but for us, it is our bread and butter. We are a startup for grown-ups. That means we have a defined business model, solid revenue stream, fast but not too fast growth that is built organically. We have stability even in these, for many, difficult times. We are very, very proud of the product and culture we are building. We have an incredible team, great customers, and amazing, hand-picked partners.  Learn more about our team’s and product’s vision here. We strongly encourage you to research our product or ask us to try it before you apply for this role.

We might be a young and fresh company but we are dead serious when it comes to business. Our product has only been on the market since September 2018 but we already work with clients and partners in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia or Europe with large enterprises and brands, you would recognize!

In all main locations, we work from cozy coworking spaces, allowing part-time flexi work from home to those who like that. Because of this setup, our values are ultimate trust, openness, and responsibility. We are big on building the data community – you might have already heard about community platform. We are equally serious about diversity.  Foremost, when looking for talent, we care about attitude more than we care about diplomas and degrees.

We also look for…

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