Experienced data engineer Czechia

Brno, Prague

Meiro team is looking for a senior data engineer with a background in development to build a new data product that helps large companies to take care of their customer data. 

We manage all the data sources you can imagine bigger companies have – website events, transactional systems, email automation tools, CDC from internal databases, or CRM – and connect it to our product. Our team needs help to build and optimize our processes that are taking care of such a large amount of data.

Meiro is not a SaaS and one of our advantages is the ability to set up our product on our client’s hardware either on-premise or in his cloud, any cloud – which limits the choice of the technologies we can use.

Role of Data engineer

Our primary database is PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch for full-text search, and MonetDB for analytical queries. We operate on a range of terabyte PostgreSQL clusters, which run both in managed service mode and on their own VPS servers. Your task will be to take full control of this system. We have a solid and stable foundation, which we want to further expand and scale. 

Deep knowledge of the PostgreSQL database is required – you should know terms such as ‘FILLFACTOR’, ‘transaction isolation, ‘TABLESAMPLE’, or ‘limits’ and the use of different types of indexes. Knowledge of NoSQL databases is a great advantage, but not a necessity.

A few keywords that you will definitely encounter with us (you don’t have to know them all, we will be happy to get you into them): PostgreSQL, MonetDB, ElasticSeach, Python, Go, Docker, Podman, GIT, Ansible, DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure, Bash, Grafana, Loki, HashiCorp Nomad, HashiCorp Consul.

At Meiro, we try to do things right. Meaning, there is no HiPPO here, anyone from the team likes when someone else gets him outvoted by strong, solid arguments. All code is tested and does not go into production without proper code review. We love containers however, we are considering leaving Docker in favor of Podman. The main language here is Python, but we flirt with Go.

Your day-to-day agenda will be the management, optimization, and development of the data model of our Customer Data Platform (that’s how the product’s called ;)), all the data processes inside, and in all the databases we have. 

We automate everything we can and help each other as a team. Colleagues specialize in backend development, DevOps are ready and happy to help. We make decisions quickly and are not afraid of refactoring or changing the technology completely if it brings us significant improvements.

Brno, Prague, Singapore but remotely

We were a remote company even before it was cool, but we are happy to meet you in Prague or in Brno in Impact Hub, where we have offices. Once a month we meet for a beer, where we discuss what and how to do with development, technologies, how to grasp Domain-Driven Design, and such.

Do you take this chance?

Send us a nice note, and tell us about the projects you did. The resume or link to your GIT also helps. The Linkedin profile is fine too. You can reach us at [email protected].

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