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Brno, Prague

Hello, we are Meiro

In Meiro, through our product – a Customer Data Platform (CDP) – and thanks to years of our know-how, we solve the fragmentation of customer data for companies all over the world. CDP gives access to organized, clean, and stitched customer data from multiple data sources. The strength of CDP is its ability to integrate any data source in and out of CDP. The data are collected, consolidated, cleaned, and are ready to be used in other systems and tools.

Our headquarters is in Singapore with part of our team. The rest of us are based between Brno and Prague. You could find our clients in Australia, Southeast Asia, Central Europe, or Scandinavia. 

Besides data, we are very good at creating communities. You might have heard about It’s Meiro’s nonprofit project which is teaching mostly women about data, digital marketing, engineering, and the world of new technologies. 

Our front-end development team is growing and looking for someone who’ll be helping our developer team with building multiple applications for various audiences. Tools for the internal team, SDK for developers, ETL for data engineers, and CDP for marketers and business users.  We would love to get onboard someone who already has decent experience with writing javascript applications so we can share knowledge, make decisions as a team and write well-designed and clean code! Best for a mid-level but suitable also for a skilled junior developer.

📍What can you expect from this position? 

  • You will be part of the CZ product team with FE and BE developers, as well as the product manager and UX designer
  • You will be working on internal projects with an outstanding team and exposed to the business use cases from the European and Southeast Asian market
  • UX is your priority n. 1 right next to the clean well-designed code

🔧Your regular day might look like this

  • After answering Slack messages in the morning, you will have a quick sync with the team to define priorities, what is urgent and where do you need help
  • The main client-facing products are written in React, but you will also get in touch with Vanilla JavaScript or a little bit of NodeJS 
  • Communication with backends via REST API and WebSockets is your daily bread and butter
  • Our dev team, including you, stores the code in GIT monorepo
  • With the team, you are continuously expanding features, redoing things to make them perfect for the users

👩🏻‍💻 As a Front-end Developer, you should be familiar with..

  • Code debugging & web animations
  • HTML and CSS3
  • React, Vanilla JavaScript, NodeJS 
  • Redux – The global state which needs to be shared between multiple components is stored there
  • Unit tests are written using the Jest and React Testing Library
  • E2E testing using Cypress
  • Nice to have: TypeScript, React Hooks, WebSockets

🤝 What do we offer

  • A great innovative team of experts, that will elevate your career
  • Flexible remote job, but you can use our office in Impact Hub in Brno or Prague
  • Rapid career growth, self-realization, and education
  • The international environment of our company & our clients you’d be working with
  • A good financial compensation based on your skills and experience

If you like this position, don’t be shy to try it! Tell us about your previous projects, send us your CV or Linkedin profile at [email protected].

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