Marketing Executive


Before you start reading, let’s do a quick reality check if this is worth your time.

For starters, we are not a typical tech startup with freeflow beer on tap, office slides or other such gimmicks. Neither is this a typical role, where you nicely fit into a job description and do only and exactly what you are told. At Meiro you will have an opportunity to create greatness but you need to own it and work hard at it.

We are a data analytics software company with the home base in Singapore, where business and client services are, Jakarta, our sales office, expanding to Manila and Brno, the Czech Republic where our product team is based. If you are looking for a cushy corporate career-fast-track job with a foosball table and three meals a day at the office, We’d politely recommend you swipe left on this one.

Still reading? Good. Now let us tell you who we are and who we think you are. Also note that this role SG based and is only available for those already eligible to work in Singapore.


The founding team started the journey more than five years ago in Singapore and puts together over a decade of experience in the South East Asia market with a wide range of experience from digital analytics to enterprise software. At Meiro, through our product and accumulated know-how, we are solving the data fragmentation problem most brands are experiencing today. Our Customer Data Platform once and for all creates the ultimate single view of customers. Yes, we know this is something every software vendor talks about for us it is our bread and butter.

We breathe customer data, we eat data integration and we sleep.. well, we don’t sleep all that much because, you know, startup. We are very, very proud of our team, the product we build and the culture we live in. We have an incredible team, great customers and amazing, hand-picked partners. Learn more about our team’s and product’s vision here. We strongly encourage you to research our product or even asking us to try it before you apply for this role.

We might be young and fresh company but we are dead serious when it comes to business. Our product has only been on the market since 2019 but we already work with clients and partners in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong or Australia with large enterprises and brands, you would recognize!

In all four cities, we work from comfy co-working spaces, allowing part-time flexible work from home to those who like that and for teams where this approach makes sense. Our development team in Brno is even more distributed. Because of this setup, our values are ultimate trust, openness, and responsibility. We are big on building the data community – you might have already heard about community platform. Foremost, when looking for talent, we care about attitude, experience, drive, and cultural fit more than we care about diplomas and degrees.


In this role, you will report to Pavel, who is one of Meiro’s co-founders directly. You will day in day out work with our tech marketing manager who looks after web, CRM, performance ads and our CDP as well as with our external content partner, in-house designer and by extension the sales team. We have lots of great ideas and need help executing them!

Marketing is changing dramatically, so we are not looking for someone with 20 years of analog, outdated skills. You need to be a digital native, with the right attitude. You want to try new things but you also see your projects from start to finish. You are what they call a full-stack marketer, however fresh you might be.

You have read Seth Godin’s new book two weeks before it was published, that’s how much you dig this space. You subscribe to everything from Gartner to industry most prolific bloggers and at this point have read everything on our blog.

You could be a fresh grad with some project experience but you would have to make up for lack of skills with your drive or you could be coming from the agency. Ultimately you have a passion for communication, digital, social and most importantly, you are all about wowing customers.

Some things you will cover in this role and will be good to know about:

  • Performance Advertising on Facebook, Google, Linkedin or Quora
  • Digital marketing community nurturing – events, collaborations
  • Digital marketing 1.0.1.
  • Content marketing
  • Basic graphic design so you can DIY event invites and social media posts
  • Email marketing and awareness of automation
  • Event planning

You might think this is a lot, but we run a lean organization so this will excite you, not scare you! We don’t expect you to be a super(wo)man, at least not just yet. With the right attitude, aptitude for marketing tech, we are more interested in the cultural fit and the attitude, we are at the end pretty weird bunch.

If this makes you tick, take a stab, send us a nice note and tell us about projects you did and how do you see yourself helping Meiro. Resume helps too, a Linkedin profile is fine. You can reach us at [email protected].

We also look for…