Project Manager Czechia

Brno, Prague

First things first

Before you start reading, let’s do a quick check if this is worth your time. Note that despite Meiro being to a large degree a distributed company, this role is specifically required to be located in Czechia and only applicants eligible to work in Czechia will be considered.

For starters, we are not a typical company. Neither is this a typical role, where you nicely fit into a job description and do only and exactly what you are told. A Project Manager at Meiro is a creative and adventurous role. We are a business-savvy startup with two main teams. First at our home base in Singapore, where business and client services are and Brno, the Czech Republic where our product team is. Recently we also started building a small team in Jakarta, where we plan to grow!

Still reading? Great! Now let us tell you who we are and who we think you are.

This is us

The founding team has 8 years of presence in Singapore and the APAC market with a wide range of experience from digital analytics to enterprise software.  At Meiro, through our product and know-how, we are solving the data fragmentation problem most brands experience. Our Customer Data Platform once and for all creates the ultimate single view of customers. Yes we know that is something every software vendor talks about it, but for us, it is our bread and butter. We breathe customer data, we eat data integration and we sleep.. well, we don’t sleep all that much because, you know, startup. We are very, very proud of the product and culture we are building. We have an incredible team, great customers, and amazing, hand-picked partners.  Learn more about our team’s and product’s vision here.  We strongly encourage you to research our product or ask us to try it before you apply for this role.

We might be a young and fresh company but we are dead serious when it comes to business. Our product has only been on the market since September 2018 but we already work with clients and partners in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, or Australia with large enterprises and brands, you would recognize!

In all three cities, we work from coworking spaces, allowing part-time flexi work from home to those who like that. Because of this setup, our values are ultimate trust, openness, and responsibility. We are big on building the data community – you might have already heard about community platform. Foremost, when looking for talent, we care about attitude more than we care about diplomas and degrees.

Project manager at Meiro

In a consultative Project Manager role, you will serve as a bridge between the business side (usually marketing/customer experience folks at all levels from operational up to CMO) and the technical team (data analysts and engineers) from both Client and Meiro. A Project Manager at Meiro wears a different hat every day and it is many things but not an administrative role. You will need to think critically and creatively. You must have a strong sense of project ownership and personal structure. You will have guidance from the best who leads our client services team and will work directly with her. In this role, the sky’s the limit in terms of growth (Meiro went from 15 in January to 35 people in December this year). 

Day-to-day responsibilities include: 

  • Manage the full project cycle: conduct scoping with client, plan & review timelines and dependencies, follow up with all parties.
  • Client onboarding and education: hands-on supporting users of our platform and getting clients’ feedback.
  • Provide support and consultation to our clients on digital marketing strategy utilizing Meiro’s CDP.

What we are looking for:

  • A good understanding of the martech & adtech landscape (digital marketing campaigns, programmatic, etc…) and its latest developments.
  • Be conversant about data integration, ETL, basic database, schema, and data structure concepts. And more importantly, be able to communicate about these topics at various levels of technicality.
  • Curiosity and ability to work with uncertainty, because our product and industry are constantly evolving.
  • Basic knowledge in SQL and visualization would be useful, to understand our technical implementation, but we don’t expect you to be a full-on analyst
  • Finally, overall business exposure, stakeholders management, with critical thinking and problem-solving skills are important.
If this didn’t scare you, take a stab, send us a nice note, and tell us about the projects you did and companies you’ve helped, resume also helps. The Linkedin profile is fine too. You can reach us at [email protected].

We also look for…

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