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With his hands in multiple pots, everything from sales to product strategy our CMO Pavel has his hands full and is looking for an experienced strategic marketer to take over the reins and take our marketing to next level. In this role, you need to be strategic but hands-on. You will have the opportunity to take full responsibility for the existing broader marketing team and shape up the strategy. We are looking for someone who is not just a strategist, but for someone who has the experience and courage to own the marketing process wall to wall and who won’t shy away from marketing’s key responsibility, that is, driving leads for sales.

You will, day in day out, work with our content marketing and design team which is spread between Singapore and  Europe as well as with our external partners like our performance agency and by extension also the sales team. We have lots of great ideas and we hope you will not just bring many more but will also own the execution.

Ideally in this role you will have had 4-6 years of strategic marketing experience, ideally in the startup environment, in the B2B software space in the adtech & martech industry. Agency side experience is also valued as that is one of our key partner channels.

Marketing is changing dramatically, so we are not looking for someone with 20 years of analog, outdated skills. You need to be a digital native, with the right attitude and growth mindset, cultural fit is extremely important at Meiro. You want to try new things but you also see your projects from start to finish. You absolutely have a passion for data and platforms. You must have a special place in your heart for data. Ultimately you have a passion for communication, digital, social and most importantly are brave enough to think outside of the taditional box. Did I mention you must really love data?

You have also read Seth Godin’s new book two weeks before it was published, that’s how much you dig this space. You are currently geeking out over the recent changes to web tracking on Safari and the Data Privacy Sanbox Google is bringing to users. You subscribe to everything from Gartner to industry most prolific bloggers, have been to every Measurecamp in town and at this point have read everything on our blog and you would be able to explain to us this one better than we wrote it..

Some areas and responsibilities you will directly or indirectly manage in this role:

  • Performance Advertising on Facebook, Google, Linkedin, or Quora. You don’t need to be a media buyer level ninja but you need to know about strategies for different platforms.
  • Communication Strategy & Brand building
  • PR & media relationships, ideally you have a bit of a network and could become the local marketing voice of the company
  • Strategic level experience with content, website management, and importantly Lead Generation
  • Digital marketing analytics – reporting, attribution, ROI, and all that. We have a fantastic array of skills in the team to help here, but you will get a chance to drive this project.
  • Data-driven marketing. This post could be titled ‘We have data, and we aren’t afraid to use it!’. The best part of this role IMHO is that you will get to work with our own technology and outer space is the limit.
  • Personalization. Deep content personalization is a next on our roadmap and no ‘Hello {First name}!’ is not what we mean here.
  • Marketing automation. You understand the scaling of processes through automation.
  • CRM. Making sure our CRM is supercharged with data from our CDP, clean and our sales team happy will be one of the key parts of your responsibility.
  • Industry analyst relationships, as you know our industry runs on the powerful recommendation of Gartner &Forester and the like
  • Strategic channel & partner marketing, design & execute the best long term, business objective-driven strategy with our key partners in the region

If you now think I have just described, a team of five in the requirements you would be right kind of, but we run a lean organization so this will excite you, not scare you and in the end of the day, we are still a startup that’s pacing along and ahead of the industry nicely! We are kinda looking for a superhero here. With the right attitude, aptitude for marketing tech, we are more interested in the cultural fit and we know you are out there.

If this makes you tick, take a stab, send us a nice note, and tell us about projects you worked on and how you see yourself contributing to Meiro’s growth. A resume helps too, a Linkedin profile is fine. You can reach us at [email protected]. We appreciate all the good work recruitment agencies out there do but we prefer to get to the right talent directly.


The founding team has a decade of presence in Singapore and the APAC market with a wide range of experience from digital analytics to enterprise software.  At Meiro, through our product and know-how, we are solving data fragmentation problem most brands experience. Our Customer Data Platform once and for all creates the ultimate single view of customers. Yes we know that is something every software vendor talks about it, but for us, it is our bread and butter. We breathe customer data, we eat data integration and we sleep.. well, we don’t sleep all that much because every year we grow 100%, pandemic year included. We are very, very proud of the product and culture we are building. We have an incredible team, great customers and amazing, hand-picked partners.  Learn more about our team’s and product’s vision here. We strongly encourage you to research our product or ask us to try it before you apply for this role.

We might be a young and fresh company but we are dead serious when it comes to business. Our product has only been on the market since September 2018 but we already work with clients and partners in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, or Australia with large enterprises and brands, you would recognize!

In all main locations, we work from coworking spaces, allowing part-time flexible work from home to those who like that. Because of this setup, our values are ultimate trust, openness, and responsibility. We are big on building the data community – you might have already heard about community platform. We are equally serious about diversity.  Foremost, when looking for talent, we care about attitude more than we care about diplomas and degrees.

We also look for…

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