Senior Technical Account Manager | Singapore


Hello, we are Meiro

In Meiro, through our product – a Customer Data Platform (CDP) – and thanks to years of our know-how, we solve the fragmentation of customer data for companies all over the world. CDP gives access to organized, clean, and stitched customer data from multiple data sources. The strength of CDP is its ability to integrate any data source in and out of CDP. The data are collected, consolidated, cleaned and ready to be used in other systems and tools.

Meiro has over 40 employees with headquarters in Singapore, an office in Jakarta, and R&D in Brno with a sales team in Prague. Meiro has clients from all around the world – big Asian banks, European retail chains, and e-commerce companies.

Besides data, we are very good at creating communities. You might have heard about It’s Meiro’s nonprofit project which is teaching mostly women about data, digital marketing, engineering, and the world of new technologies. 

For our Singapore team, we are looking for a senior tech account manager to lead our projects in Indonesia and kick off our presence there.

👩🏻‍💻 What do we expect from an account manager?

  • We need an extremely organized account manager with 4-5 years of experience, who completes the tasks and has a good overview of each part of the project
  • You have to be natural in the world of data and software engineering and have experience working in a digital agency
  • You are here to help the clients by providing support and consultation on digital marketing strategy utilizing Meiro’s CDP
  • You should understand how companies operate and their data issues to identify where CDP can solve a problem, save time and earn profit 
  • Client onboarding and education is your responsibility: hands-on supporting users of our platform and getting clients’ feedback
  • The TA manages the full project cycle: conduct scoping with the client, plan & review timelines and dependencies, follow up with all parties
  • The technical account manager knows everything about our product CDP. He has to understand its technical implementation and at the same time can understand our clients and their business point of view. Don’t worry, we will teach you all of that.

📍What can you expect from this position? 

  • You’ll be part of a team of great developers, data analytics, and marketers
  • You will manage projects from the start: planning of POC till the final implementation of CDP
  • You’ll learn everything about the data architecture of large international companies, that use data within the company and for marketing purposes
  • You will be monitoring project progress, following up with stakeholders on the completion or delay of project phases, scheduling meetings, and maintaining project documents and reports
  • You will be consulting with the assigned Project Manager to seek guidance and input during the key phases of each project
  • A big part of your work is communication with team members (Analytic & Dev team) and the client – you will negotiate with both to deliver the project on time
  • You’ll become an expert on customer data management and its usage in business

🔧 Your regular day might look like this

  • The day starts with e-mails, Slack messages, and sync calls with the internal team (most of us work remotely)
  • You will sort out priorities within the team for the next days/weeks with the team 
  • The same routine applies to the client during weekly calls, where you discuss business case studies consultations, testing, priorities, and plans for an upcoming week 
  • You will be supporting the coordination and management of the project to move forward in the most effective way
  • Apart from Slack, JIRA, and G-suit, from time to time, you’ll create a presentation for clients. You will manage the projects in JIRA Projects and will learn how to use our internal product CDP
  • You are contributing to building our brand by maintaining client relationships
  • Our team will teach you everything about our product and its usage in digital marketing. You’ll also have time for self-development. 

🤝 What do we offer

  • A great innovative team of experts who will help elevate your career
  • Flexible remote job
  • Rapid career growth, self-realization, and education
  • The international environment of our company & the clients you’d be working with
  • A good financial compensation based on your skills and experience

If you like this position, don’t be shy to try it! Tell us about your previous projects, and send us your CV or Linkedin profile at [email protected].

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