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Increase the number of post-paid customer with CDP

TELCO industry is facing the problem of a frequent conversion of the customer from one provider to another. CDP tracks each action of a customer across a variety of touchpoints and provides insights to create great CX.

Understanding your customer behaviour to optimize your marketing activities and increasing Customer LifeTime Value with Customer Data Platform.

This is how Single Customer View feels like for TELCO

Meiro CDP automatically connects data sources, cleanse your data and presents them in an intuitive app for business users. It’s easy – from raw data, to valuable insights, and then to action in seconds!

Want to know how CDP can help you?

Unlock the full potential
of your customer data

Personalized offering

Meiro gives you an overview of all your data including a single customer view showing all online and offline interactions with your brand. You can create a truly personalized customer experience to secure your customer’s loyalty. 

Regulation & Governance

TELCO is a heavily regulated industry, with different laws in different markets, when it comes to data monetization one solution isn’t a fit for all. Meiro 100 % meets the strict privacy regulations to make sure the data are safe and handled with care. Meiro offers private installations in either cloud or on-premise as well as a managed solution in every major cloud, everywhere in the world.

Too much data

TELCOs have more data about users than users know about themselves. With every app, location, communication activity brands tend to lose valuable insights. Meiro CDP connects all your data sources and creates easy-to-read dashboards with valuable insights.  

Here’s a typical problem
CDP can solve in TELCO

Meiro CDP  helps brands to maximize digital marketing campaigns and advertising to improve business ROI, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and customer experience (CX). Learn about how you can reach the right audience and effectively monetize your investment.

Business Problem

Your customer can do a variety of actions on only one web page – looking at the different products, clicking on different pricing etc. Telco brands need to identify all customer’s interactions not only on the website but also in CRM, in stores, in-app, or watch their activity on social media. Connection of these sources is necessary to stitch all this data together and create a comprehensive single customer view. 


Meiro CDP identifies any potential customer while interacting with your brand. With this data, the customer care or sales team will be ready to jump on a call and serve the customer with an offer he is interested in. More data you know about your customers, the better CX you are able to provide.


With collected data, you will discover buying patterns and customer’s behaviour to deliver better CX to increase customer lifetime value (CLV). Build targeted audience segments in a second without any analytical background to improve campaign performance and build a connection between your teams without disarranging the data.