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Utility Suppliers will be able to deliver 1:1 personalized message with CDP

Meiro CDP helps utility suppliers to maximize profitability with a Single Customer View. Each customer’s interaction with your brand becomes a part of the customer view which allows you to do customer segmentation smartly for better customer experience and marketing results.

CDP works with online and offline data sources real-time which create a comprehensive view of each customer. Our solution helps to drive your marketing, customer care and business decisions based on real data. 

This is how Single Customer View feels like for Utility Suppliers

Meiro CDP automatically connects data sources, cleanse your data and presents them in an intuitive app for business users. It’s easy – from raw data, to valuable insights, and then to action in seconds!

Want to know how CDP can help you?

Unlock the full potential
of your customer data

Single Customer View

A single customer view will help you to truly understand your customer’s needs to grow his customer lifetime value (CLV) and increase customer retention. With the right personalized message, your brand will gain customer’s loyalty. 

Efficiency of Customer Care

By stitching all your data – online and offline – you can identify your customers better to create accurate customer segments. This will allow your customer care support to use precise and relevant data to reduce pressure on a call centre and increase work-flow efficiency. 

Customer Lifetime Value

Typically, the utility industry deals with high customer churn. To be relevant for the customers, utility companies need to deliver a personalized message to their customers. CDP, as one tool which allows you to send the data to any marketing or business platform, gives your teams power to talk to the customers as if it was done individually. By improving CX your brand also gains the loyalty from your customers and increases customer lifetime value (CLV).

Here’s a typical problem
CDP can solve in Utility 

As retailers, you can leverage your customer data beyond your own marketing campaigns. Learn about how you can reach the right audience and effectively monetize your investment.

Business Problem

sUtility companies have a variety of services and different combination of these services used by their customers. To create a personalized marketing message to the right customer the full 360 picture of your customers is needed. To deliver the relevant message to improve customer experience and enhance marketing ROI is a mission impossible without the solid data layer.


Offline and online interactions of a customer with the company are tracked and all the data appear in the Single Customer View. The whole customer journey is recorded and stored in the CDP. With such detailed knowledge of customers behaviour, it is easy to create a precise segmentation and use it in cross-sell and up-sell campaigns. 


It is 5x more effective to sell your own customer then market a new one. With a deep understanding of your customer, you can recommend them relevant services and for example, upgrade your gas customer to also an electricity customer. Increase your ROI by delivering smooth CX.