Ameex partners with Meiro

Ameex Technologies is a consulting and implementation partner for Meiro. Ameex provides a comprehensive understanding of complex marketing technology integrations alongside deep omnichannel expertise and agile delivery experience. Together, Ameex and Meiro harness the full potential of digital transformation to rapidly deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions for ad & marketing budget optimization and increasing revenue streams.


Ameex Meiro



Ameex Technologies is a digital transformation and delivery partner helping clients ideate, design, build and deploy next-generation, deeply integrated digital technology solutions. Established in 2007, Ameex brings together content, commerce, data, and technology to deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences for their customers.

Ameex’s deep industry knowledge combined with their expertise in leveraging standardized processes, automation, data-driven analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning allows them to seamlessly deliver personalized experiences across different platforms.

Some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies & leading mid-market brands rely on Ameex’s established, global team of 600+ experts to deliver innovative, business-driven solutions. Ameex is headquartered in Chicago, IL with offices in Singapore, Belgium, and Chennai.


Word from our partner

Ranga Srinivasan
President and CTO
“One of Ameex’s biggest strengths has always been helping customers make sense out of their data and with Meiro’s CDP platform, we hope to take that to the next level and enable our clients to gain actionable insights from their omni-channel customer journey. This is a very exciting time for Ameex to be collaborating with Meiro as we further solidify our footprint in Asia Pacific to serve our Singapore clients & expand into emerging markets like Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. We look forward to combining our data-driven, strategic consulting approach with Meiro’s CDP capabilities to help our clients deliver highly personalized, timely, and seamless experiences for their customers.”

Why partner up with Meiro?

As a native data integrations focused company, we thrive on collaboration. We are always looking to expand our tech allies and connect with the best ones in the market.

Grow your consulting revenue

Drive advertising client ROIs through the roof with first-party data (looking at ya, agencies!)

Keep up with latest technologies

The advertising industry is constantly evolving and old tech processes are not enough. New technologies such as CDPs are rising and companies need to keep up.

Focus on consultancy

Move on from manually wiring up clients’ data to delivering tangible results through consultative service experience.

Work with leading CDP in Southeast Asia

Work with experts that helped top banks and telcos in SEA turn regular data integration jobs into high value-added services.