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Meiro Integrations: Klaviyo

A new addition to Meiro Integrations – Klaviyo. This loader allows creating, populating, and updating Klaviyo lists with contacts from Meiro segments. The loader fully supports the flexible structure of Klaviyo’s contacts so you can populate contact’s standard and...

Meiro Integrations: new Snowflake Loader

A new bulk loader optimized for high-volume loads of your data assets from Meiro into the Snowflake data warehouse or data lake. It is optimized for convenient upload directly from the Meiro instance, without any need for intermediate blob storage. Supports both...

Meiro Integrations: new TikTok integration

TikTok integration Create custom audiences in TikTok based on the audiences segmented within Meiro Business Explorer.   How to set up TikTok integration in Meiro Integrations How to setup TikTok destination in Meiro Business Explorer How to export segment to...

Meiro Integrations: new WooCommerce integration

WooCommerce integration The WooCommerce integration enables withdrawing data from WooCommerce about orders, like transaction date, purchased items, total spend, shipping location, shipping method, payment method, and more. Learn about what data that can be extracted...