Meiro Business Explorer: Web Banners can now be safely deleted and restored. Audience API returns customer segments

Sometimes it’s needed to delete something – either you made a mistake, or you want to clean up a little bit and get rid of the testing stored in Meiro CDP. Now when you do, you don’t have to worry about your work being lost forever. Let’s have a look at the new functionality which will save you from mistakenly deleting something.

Deleted web banners are moved to Trash

Deleted web banners are now moved to the trash instead of being removed permanently. A deleted web banner can be safely restored from the trash. A restored banner will be automatically disabled to prevent accidental activation upon restoration.

Trash UI clean up

In Trash, you can now navigate the deleted objects by their types or search by their name. Each deleted entry conveniently shows who and when deleted the object.

Deleted web banners

Audience API returns segments customer belongs to

Audience API now returns a list of segments to which the customer belongs. You can use tags in an API request to refine which segments should be considered during evaluation. Returned segments are ordered by the time of their last modification. Use this information in web banner conditions or other customized personalization relying on our API calls. We have focused on preserving the low latency of the Audience API even when this new information is now included. Learn more.

Dominika Vamberska

Marketing Manager Domi switched from a law career to follow a much more fun and interesting path – online marketing. Interested in data science and new technology, she joined the Meiro marketing team and specializes in partner and content marketing. Apart from that, she is born and bred in Brno.

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