Meiro Business Explorer: Diagnostic reports and Web Banner improvements

We released a new update that helps with diagnosing problems with profile stitching and assists with advanced usage of web banners.

Diagnostic reports of suspicious customer entities
A new report in the Diagnostic Dashboard informs about problematic entities with unusually high numbers of events. An additional warning is displayed on the Customer Profile. Entities with an unusually large number of events may indicate problems with the configuration of your profile stitching


Web banners: IP address condition accepts CIDR notation
Web banner developers can now easily blacklist or whitelist IP address ranges in banner conditions using CIDR notation.
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Web Banners: Sticky condition summary
We made the bar with condition summary sticky, so it always stays visible and helps with orientation in large condition trees.

Web Banners: Frequency Cap
Frequency cap can now be specified for both embedded and popup web banners for each banner individually. Caps can be specified on a per-user basis, with independent limits per session, per time interval, and for a total number of banner impressions for a user.
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Popup Web Banners: HTML gallery info page
Each HTML gallery entry now includes an info page explaining the benefits, prerequisites, and possibly the complexity of setting up the corresponding web banner.
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Pavel Bulowski

CMO | Co-Founder Pavel stands behind all the smooth operations and business growth. You would run into him in the queue at airports rather than in one place. Besides that, he enjoys chess, boxing, and history.

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