Meiro Business Explorer: Web banner productivity improvements

Web banner template gallery

This release is all about improving your productivity with web banners personalization. The template gallery contains a selection of HTML templates frequently used across industries. From generating contacts in exchange for promo codes to boosting revenue via abandoned basket reminders you can customize the template to build your next web banner. The template gallery will also inspire you on how to use your customer data better in website personalization.

All templates are structured so they are easy to modify and accompanied by detailed documentation.

The gallery can be accessed conveniently directly from the web banner design section. How about checking out the Black Friday sale template?

Meiro CDP

Web banner segment condition

Meiro CDP

New segment condition for web banners makes displaying banners to desired audiences only a matter of choosing a segment and picking a user identifier of your preference.


New operators in web banner conditions

Meiro CDP

Two new operators ‘contains any of’ and ‘doesn’t contain any of’ simplify filtering against a set of multiple values to a single condition, thus making your condition tree more readable and manageable.

Dominika Vamberska

Marketing Manager Domi switched from a law career to follow a much more fun and interesting path – online marketing. Interested in data science and new technology, she joined the Meiro marketing team and specializes in partner and content marketing. Apart from that, she is born and bred in Brno.

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