Meiro Business Explorer: minimized web banners and promo codes

Minimized versions of web banners

In a few simple steps set up minimized version of a web banner that will appear when the user clicks on the close button of an expanded web banner. Minimized web banners will stay with the user during browsing through the website.

Minimized web banners are useful to keep important information handy, even if you wish to allow the user to browse through e.g. promotion code or form that you wish the user to be able to expand at any time.

Minimized web banners can be set both in image or HTML formats.

Learn more about minimized web banners.


Promo codes

The Promo codes tab enables to insert CSV files with promo codes that can be used further e.g. in web banners.

Learn more about promo codes here.



Karina Lapawa

Karina is our product master who takes care of product roadmap, product releases, managing user testing, and coming up with all the new handy features to help our clients to manage their data better. She's a true nature lover and enjoys hiking in the mountains more than anything.

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