Meiro Business Explorer updates (0.37.0)

In this release Customer Definition tab that allows excluding customers without certain attributes present and profile stitching attributes.

Customer Definition tab

Administrators can now set which attributes will be considered as mandatory for the profile stitching of customers’ data.

For example, set an email address as a mandatory attribute in the Customer Definition tab and exclude from your database customers’ with unknown email addresses.

Customer profile mandatory attributes can be set in the Administration tab/ Customer Definition tab. The change will be visible after cache refresh (to quicken the process please go to the Settings tab, and refresh cache manually). Learn more in Meiro user documentation.

Profile stitching attributes

For each customer, there is a set of attributes defined during the profile stitching. Attributes show which data was used in customers’ profiles creation. This new feature may help to understand which attributes customers’ profiles have been built on, as well as to detect uncommon behaviors. To set up your customers’ profiles attributes as visible please contact the Meiro team.

Profile Stitching attributes can be listed:

  • For each customer in the Customer Detail page.
  • In the Attributes tab as well as in the Diagnostic Dashboard.
  • In the Insights tab with profile stitching attributes within the insights tile.


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