Meiro Integrations updates (0.43.1)

Log in to Meiro Integrations through the Okta platform. To set up Okta contact the Meiro team.


Plus a couple of small features that will make Meiro Integrations easier to use.

  • A configuration duration has been added to the Configuration Jobs chart.

  • Connected components will be highlighted when hovering over the data flow graph. This new feature will help you to orientate in complex data flows with multiple components. 

  • For administrators, the new function of toggling all accesses while creating a user has been implemented to make the process easier and quicker.


Karina Lapawa

Karina is our product master who takes care of product roadmap, product releases, managing user testing, and coming up with all the new handy features to help our clients to manage their data better. She's a true nature lover and enjoys hiking in the mountains more than anything.

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