Meiro Integrations updates (0.47.0)

Directed Acyclic Workspaces’ Graph allows you to organize directed acyclic graphs for your workspaces. Drag and drop, connect and set your workspaces together.

To learn more about DAWG please refer to this article about the DAWG tab and DAWG detail tab.

Delete data after execution as a default, you can manually enable this feature through ticking the checkbox.

Go through Activity Detail with the Reverse Order button. To learn more about Activity Details, please go to this article.

Inject workspace variables easily into Python Code, R Code, and CLI code components. To learn more, please go to this article.

Google Spreadsheet connector supports now editing of output file names (optional) and allows to sanitize headers (if it’s disabled, the sanitization is not performed on the file header). To learn more, please refer to this article.

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