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Hello, we are Meiro

In Meiro, through our product – a Customer Data Platform (CDP) – and thanks to years of our know-how, we solve the fragmentation of customer data for companies all over the world. CDP gives access to organized, clean, and stitched customer data from multiple data sources. The strength of CDP is its ability to integrate any data source in and out of CDP. The data are collected, consolidated, cleaned and ready to be used in other systems and tools.

Our headquarters is in Singapore with part of our team. The rest of us are based between Brno and Prague. You could find our clients in Australia, Southeast Asia, Central Europe, or Scandinavia.

Besides data, we are very good at creating communities. You might have heard about It’s Meiro’s nonprofit project which is teaching mostly women about data, digital marketing, engineering, and the world of new technologies.

For our Czech team, we are looking for a data analyst with a focus on web analytics who knows a bit about the implementation of data management technology. It is a generic role, where you will be leading the implementation of CDP for our clients, but also helping with the business cases scenarios. Best for a mid-level but suitable also for a skilled junior analyst.

What can you expect from this position?

  • You will be part of the clients’ projects
  • Implementing web analytics and controlling the data collection
  • Working on the execution of the business scenarios, marketing automation, creating target audiences, or helping with marketing campaigns
  • You will closely work with our senior project manager, sales team, and developers while working on implementation, so you all can deliver a good service to our clients
  • You will be exposed to the business and should know what CRM is and some awareness of what digital marketing is about, how customer segmentation is done. Business experience is key.

Your regular day might look like this

  • After answering Slack messages, you will have a quick sync with the team to define priorities, what is urgent and where do you need help
  • An analyst at Meiro works face to face with clients and solves real-world business problems. That’s why you’ll also be a part of meetings with clients, helping them to shape the project
  • You will be working on the transformation and cleaning data and finding faster or more efficient ways
  • You might be asked to write up technical documentation about the implementation you did for our internal purposes
  • From time to time you might contribute to the internal learning session or training for the client

What do we expect from an analyst

  • Critical thinking and a growth mindset. Experience from a digital agency is a big plus
  • You come across all flavors of SQL on a daily basis. How to construct efficient queries for transforming and cleaning data. If something is not fast/efficient enough, could an index here and there help?
  • Medium proficiency in Python which you will need for data transformation that SQL is not able to handle or is too slow
  • You should be pretty familiar with all common types of commercially used databases, but most importantly PostgreSQL
  • Be familiar with consuming REST APIs
  • Have some experience with building ETL pipeline either, the custom script built or designed in enterprise products
  • Be familiar with basic data structures (data types i.e.integers, strings) and data modeling and data schema
  • Know essential data transfer formats (CSV, JSON), and be familiar with finding exact information inside API documentation
  • Visualization in tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Metabase, or Data Studio is really important as well as an understanding of the martech and adtech ecosystem and the digital tracking play around the web and mobile apps
  • You will be working on a Czech project, but with an international team and using English on a daily basis

What do we offer

  • A great innovative team of experts, which will elevate your career
  • Flexible remote job, but you can use our office in Impact Hub in Brno or Prague
  • Rapid career growth, self-realization, and education
  • An international environment of our company & our client you’d be working with
  • A good financial compensation based on your skills and experience If you like this position, don’t be shy to try it! Tell us about your previous projects, send us your CV or Linkedin profile at

Who can you meet at an interview?

What we can offer


Flexible remote job


Office/ Co-working space


Education budget for self-development


A financial compensation based on your skills and experience

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If you like this position, don’t be shy to try it! Tell us about your previous projects, and send us your CV or Linkedin profile at

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