Single Customer View

It all starts here. You don’t need 26 views of a customer in every tool. You need one. One that is updated in real time and contains data from all main company touchpoints. This allows you to segment, target, and personalize on the fly.

Clean data for greater efficiency.

Meiro pays special attention to data collection with its intelligent data layer and data collector, which is often a shortcoming of MarTech systems. High quality and clean data are the foundation to making your marketing efforts simply work.

Connect the dots about your customers.

Another critical part is Identity Graph – the algorithmic way to recognize customers on different platforms and connect their different timelines of data in real time. All so you can better understand their behavior for your needs.

Multiple perspectives for multiple uses.

Another customer-favorite feature is that Meiro allows maintaining multiple variations of customer identity definitions, which is appreciated in cross-departmental use cases.

What you need, to know what your customers’ need.

The best and most insightful view of a customer is not a real-life one, but a real-time data model. With Meiro CDP, you can quickly design triggers that will launch the right action on the right platform when certain behavioral conditions are met. For example: Remove a customer from unnecessary remarketing campaigns as soon as you have learned they transacted.

What the Single Customer View Means for You

Identity stitching at this level is hard to execute. The key is in the data preparation that underpins the Meiro CDP and sets it apart from DMPs and other systems. Data is collected, consolidated, and perfectly-prepared automatically and transparently. This is the end of wasted time on manual data prep. The result is a timeline view, at the single-customer level, of behaviour-based attributes like email and web engagement, in-store purchases, customer support experiences, and any other touchpoint.

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