Wall-to-wall CDP for enterprises focused on data control & privacy

According to CDP Institute, Meiro is the top-performing Customer Data Platform (CDP) featuring built-in marketing tools and ETL to collect, clean, enrich & activate your customer data. Our flexible delivery model supports hosting in any cloud provider and on-premise, anywhere in the world.

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One platform to rule all data

Meiro takes care of everything from data ingestion, cleaning, and management to personalized closed-loop marketing activation that drives ROI. 

CDP consolidates behavioral signals, transactional and demographic data across online and offline channels into a single customer view. With your 1st-party data in order, CDP enables analytics, customer modeling, effortless segmentation, and activation, delivering personalized customer experiences in real-time.

Empowering marketing teams with a 360° view of customer journey


Consolidate online & offline data

Collecting data in real-time or in batches, regardless of how it's generated or stored across your entire stack and customer touchpoints.

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The best identity management

Enabling customer recognition across different devices and touch points, online & offline, to increase addressability and targeting precision.


Single customer view

Eliminating tech and organizational data silos by consolidating data in unified customer profiles that streamline segmentation, personalization, and targeting precision.

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No-code segmentation

Enabling business teams to create complex audiences and access customer insights without having to rely on engineering teams.

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The longevity of our 1st-party cookies enables delivery of the most relevant messages and recommendations on your web/app and across marketing channels.

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Omnichannel marketing

Instant activation of audience segments across your own or Meiro’s native marketing tools, as well as advertising & programmatic platforms.


Mobile push

Native channel for sending personalized app notifications powered with customer data and predictive models.

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Email marketing

Built-in channel for sending hyper-personalized dynamic email marketing campaigns and automations.

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Limitless connectivity

Seamless integrations with modern and legacy systems, every major SaaS application, BI, and advertising platforms.

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What our clients say

Increase in cross-device addressability


for abandoned basket emails alone

"They have a team of professionals who make onboarding smooth. They provide great guidance, and I can honestly say that their knowledge comes from extensive experience. If I am thinking about CDP and how it should look within the company, I truly believe that Meiro CDP is a benchmark."

Peter TomkoGroup Data Strategist, Dr.Max Pharmacy Chain
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Increase in retail media revenues


due to granular segmentation

"Meiro has streamlined our processes, enriched our data, and provided invaluable customer insights, enhancing our campaign approach and efficiency. The exceptional support from the Meiro team has been instrumental in our success. I highly recommend Meiro CDP to businesses aiming to optimize marketing strategies and drive growth."

Kent Len Head of Performance Marketing, Chemist Warehouse
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Here’s what makes Meiro truly the best Customer Data Platform


Data management

End-to-end set of tools for data import, augmentation, cleaning, and storing come in the box with Meiro CDP and do not require any additional infrastructure.

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Flexibility at the core

Our CDP is flexible by design and supports interoperability with clients’ internal systems delivering customized solutions to security-driven enterprises.


Full transparency

Being a white box, Meiro provides total transparency into its architecture and every process that runs within the CDP.


Data democratization

Meiro’s cross-functionality and ease of use enable us to cater to Marketing/Business users and Data Science teams, supplying the entire organization with rich customer data.


Data-residency compliance

We support hosting anywhere in the world, on every major cloud and on-premise, providing both managed service and client-controlled solutions.


Infinite scalability

Meiro is able to handle billions of data points and hundreds of millions of user profiles in a single client instance without forcing you into a private infrastructure.

Solutions across industries


For banking, financial services and insurance

Meiro CDP is built for enterprises in regulated industries. We offer a flexible, scalable solution that is able to seamlessly integrate with the client’s internal systems facilitating efficiency, security, and data control.

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For retail and e-commerce

Meiro CDP delivers means and use cases for hyper-personalized CX and marketing campaigns through native channels such as email, push, and dynamic web banners, and via direct integrations to programmatic advertising platforms.

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For media and publishers

Through 1st-party cookie data collection across multiple touchpoints, Meiro CDP enables publishers to create rich audience segments that can be leveraged for bettering user experience or as inventories catered for advertisers.

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Meiro CDP is built for enterprises in regulated industries. We offer a flexible, scalable solution that is able to seamlessly integrate with the client’s internal systems facilitating efficiency, security, and data control.

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How Indonesia’s top retail bank streamlined efficiency and doubled prospect addressability amidst strict OJK regulations

30%of new leads converted with Meiro’s web banners in 2022
50%steady yearly growth in lead acquisition
10%improvement in marketing campaign cost efficiency

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