Send personalized 
push notifications powered by CDP insights

Utilize rich insights and predictive behavioral signals collected by Meiro CDP to craft and send highly-personalized app notifications to delight customers, boost engagement, and drive action.


Send only relevant content to the right users

Crafting highly relevant push notifications has never been more accessible — pick from a myriad of real-time data attributes such as product affinity, behavior and transaction history, location, demographics and more to segment your audiences and power your app notificationa with personalization for maximum engagement and conversion. All within the single Meiro CDP interface.


Win back abandoned carts and prevent churn

Call to specific actions based on user behavior history to target users only with the kind of products they are interested in and prime them for the next move. Automate incomplete checkout recovery campaigns by sending triggered personalized push notifications. High-quality real-time data collected and centralized in CDP makes such high-precision personalization possible.


Nurture and cultivate loyalty with automated push notifications

Use predictive insights to your advantage — anticipate customers’ needs and use them to craft nurturing drip campaigns and move your users down the marketing funnel. Tailor your messages in response to the user’s specific behavior — recommend new products or let them know when it is time to replenish.


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