Build audiences in real-time based on customers behavior, demographic, or transactional data

Meiro Smart Segmentation is made for business people to be able to create complex audience segmentation without having to rely on their IT.


Start with Smart Segments. It’s easy

Meiro does the analytical heavy lifting for you in the background – from extracting customer data, combining it together, and cleaning it to creating a perfect Single Customer View.

Detailed business-friendly taxonomy allows you to slice your customer base by the level of engagement, spend, in the form of auto-generated audiences which you can activate with two clicks. It doesn’t get much easier than this.


Thousands of combinations with no limits

Use hundreds of pre-built filters, from different sources in thousands of combinations to create the most accurate audiences. For example, combine data from web browsing with purchase preferences, abandoned carts in a mobile app, or customer care support.

Super-complex queries like this were previously only accessible to data analysts, or magicians. With Meiro it is available in real-time to any business user.


Advanced Segment Insights

Smart Segmentation identifies a specific group of customers, but Advanced Segment Insights gives you a holistic view and additional information about this group – their performance, preference, behavior, or money spent. Without CDP, analysis of such a wide combination of data takes a lot of time (and money) which is not fun in this accelerated era.


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