Data Collection

Meiro Events is a product we built as the first layer of the CDP stack in reaction to recent privacy changes to address the need of collecting customer data on web and in apps persistently over time with 100% quality. Read here why.

Complete Data. For everything you need.

When it comes to collecting complete mobile and web-user behaviour data, you often have to choose between effective and affordable options. But only Meiro offers you everything you need. Fully configurable to track any and every user action, and most importantly able to work on any device – Chrome in private setting, Safari, Mozilla or even Brave. How? Simple. By becoming a native part of your web or mobile app.

Learn why the best approach is a first-party approach.

Meiro is flexible. As it’s not SaaS, it works on the server side. Which means it doesn’t get blocked by ad blockers and isn’t affected by recent privacy restrictions on most browsers and even ITP2. Data is collected into your own server, even if we run it for you. In our environment, the customer’s data set is never in a shared space by default.

Useful no matter what.

Can’t yet justify full CDP implementation? Meiro Events is still useful to gain a complete picture of your user base behavior on your digital platforms.

You can configure the sharing of events data to other analytic tools so acts as a router as well as a collector. Or simply use it to directly feed to other systems like recommendation engines or personalization tools.

A new way to customer analytics



Google Analytics or any other 3rd part analytic tools only offers you aggregate-level data. But to become actionable, you should be able to access data on a more granular level.

Which is where Meiro CDP excels – even allowing you a fully comprehensive single-customer view.

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