Email personalization supercharged 
with customer data

Transform your email marketing with AI-powered, data-driven personalization and precision targeting. Leverage your customer data across touchpoints to craft and send highly relevant personalized emails that convert and multiply sales revenues. Meiro CDP offers marketers a seamless channel for hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns at no additional lisence cost.


Next-level email personalization

Meiro makes customer data available for business users for effortless granular segmentation and instant omnichannel activation. Use real-time customer data insights such as browsing behavior, app engagement, purchase history, affinities, and predictive analytics to gain deeper understanding of your customers and target them with dynamic personalized email campaigns at scale.


Design stylish emails with ease

Put together email templates in minutes with the native drag-and-drop editor or use HTML builder. Take advantage of dynamic content to personalize your email marketing and ensure that every email is one-of-a-kind and tailored to every unique customer. You can preview your emails on various devices and clients and send test emails before launching campaigns.


Smart segmentation for optimized performance

To maximize conversions, rely on predictive models to segment and target customers with high probability of converting or win back customer who are likely to churn. Deliver timely and relevant messages to nurture loyalty by leveraging use cases like automatic product recommendations, replenishment reminders, abandoned baskets, and more.


Integrate with your preferred email provider

To guarantee convenience and unparalleled flexibility, our email solution enables you to integrate with the email sending provider of your choosing when using Meiro’s native email marketing feature.


Ready to maximize your user data potential in and engage customers in the most meaningful way?

Learn how our customer data platform (CDP) equipped with native omnichannel marketing tools, help organizations worldwide boost revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction.