Financial Services

Reduce financial risk and keep your data safe with Meiro CDP

Financial services are facing the growth of online activities even more than ever before. This industry needs a powerful tool to be able to safely store its sensitive data to bring them into marketing & business action.

Data-driven insights and customer analytics of Meiro CDP improves your marketing strategy to acquire new customers, their engagement or retention campaigns.

This is how Single Customer View feels like for Finance Services

Meiro CDP automatically connects data sources, cleanse your data and presents them in an intuitive app for business users. It’s easy – from raw data, to valuable insights, and then to action in seconds!

Want to know how CDP can help you?

Unlock the full potential
of your customer data

Compatibility of systems

Old fashioned softwares and systems typically used in the Financial industry are not compatible with modern marketing and business tools. This creates blind spots which makes it impossible to work with the right data even for internal teams. Meiro integrates online & offline modern and legacy systems, and also creates 1st party cookie repositories to prepare organizations for the Ad industry changes.

Industry regulations

The strict laws apply to the finance industry, and the safety of customer’s data is a very sensitive topic. Our CDP is built for specially regulated industries – Meiro offers private installations in either cloud or on-premise as well as a managed solution in every major cloud, everywhere in the world.

Disconnection of IT & Business

Strict information security and data governance rules create a disconnection between business and IT. Meiro bridges the gap and makes it possible for internal and external teams to access the data with variable limitations to manage them.

Here’s a typical problem
CDP can solve in Finances

By creating the right customer segmentation, you can target the right audience and bring them relevant content. You can also avoid certain audiences, you don’t want to target and lower the campaign expenses.

Business Problem

Acquisition marketing is meant for new customers, not the current ones, which you want to exclude from the campaigns. There is a limitation of the pool of potential customers and often Finance Services need to target their competitor’s customers. It is difficult to distinguish and segment the relevant audience, especially without full access to your data.


Meiro Custom Data Platform allows you to easily exclude specific segments from your campaigns – your teams will target relevant people and bring them relevant content. Meiro gathers all the different identificadores of customers, which can or can not be used under certain circumstances to protect the customer’s privacy.


Meiro 100 % meets the strict privacy regulations to make sure the data are safe and handled with care. With Meiro, it will always be one client – one installation and the solutions is unique for each business. With CDP internal but also external teams have safe access to the data and can get your marketing and business to another level.