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ABP is helping Meiro evangelize data and its importance across the BFSI segment. In a nascent market of ASEAN, each consumer holds a maximum of 2 products from the same institution, leading to a huge opportunity to cross sell to the same customer, a much cheaper investment on sale as compared to acquiring customers. ABP and Meiro are expounding this benefit to the BFSI segment in ASEAN to invest in understanding customers through the data platform via customer segmentation and appropriate marketing messages.



ASEAN Business Partners

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Singapore, Asia

Word from our partner

“We are entering an age where data is power. It has, therefore, become imperative for corporates in ASEAN to try and harness this power if they want to have long-term sustainable growth, and engage their customers effectively. We believe that Meiro’s CDP is well placed to help ASEAN corporates do this, and thus, succeed in a digital-first economy. Meiro's CDP can help customers optimise their marketing and consumer engagement initiatives by stitching together online & offline data to create singular customer identities. By doing this, Meiro provides corporates with a comprehensive view of their customer behaviour and offers insights on how to improve engagement with said customers. At ABP, we are excited by the great potential that the ASEAN region holds for Meiro. We are confident that Meiro’s product is a leader in the industry and we are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Meiro.“


Kavita Panda

Chief Operating Officer at ASEAN Business Partners

ASEAN Business Partners is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm engaged in assisting international companies across industries to grow their business in the ASEAN region. They provide customized service and on-ground assistance at every stage of the client’s ASEAN journey to help them succeed. ASEAN Business Partners define themselves as a team of seasoned professionals with senior management experience and expertise in different industries. Their leaders have worked as CEOs, COOs, and in other senior capacities in leading multinationals.

Why partner up with Meiro?

As a native data integrations focused company, we thrive on collaboration. We are always looking to expand our tech allies and connect with the best ones in the market.

Grow your consulting revenue-icon
Grow your consulting revenue

Drive advertising client ROIs through the roof with first-party data (looking at ya, agencies!)

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Focus on consultancy

Move on from manually wiring up clients’ data to delivering tangible results through consultative service experience.

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Keep up with latest technologies

The advertising industry is constantly evolving and old tech processes are not enough. New technologies such as CDPs are rising and companies need to keep up.

Work with leading CDP in Southeast Asia-icon
Work with leading CDP in Southeast Asia

Work with experts that helped top banks and telcos in SEA turn regular data integration jobs into high value-added services.

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