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Data Club tagline is "Out of the box digital solutions," and several years of collaboration with Meiro have successfully helped us fulfill this statement. Together, we have delivered dozens of use cases to enterprise companies in e-commerce, media, and travel segments, spanning across the CEE region.

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As a data enthusiast, I appreciate how deeply I can immerse myself in data work within Meiro, analyzing and transforming it. At the same time, my creative self enjoys the broad possibilities of exporting data to various activation channels. One of them being the SmartEmailing tool, where I contributed to its integration with Meiro. Meiro precisely meets my expectations for a CDP tool: providing the foundation for marketing automation that serves end customers and simplifies their lives. Which, by the way, I consider the best way to build a love-brand in the digital age.

Jan Krčmář

Jan Krčmář


The mission of Data Club agency is to connect the worlds of hard data on one side and creative communication on the other. We assist companies in analyzing customer purchasing behavior, identifying business opportunities, and, based on these insights, constructing effective digital campaigns. Meiro is a key partner whose tool has been helping us achieve this goal for several years. Thanks to flexible data handling options, we gain a comprehensive and accurate view of customer identities. This enables us to easily identify various real-time buying signals, which we then transform into precisely targeted communication with relevant and personalized content.

Why partner up with Meiro?

As a native data integrations focused company, we thrive on collaboration. We are always looking to expand our tech allies and connect with the best ones in the market.

Grow your consulting revenue-icon
Grow your consulting revenue

Drive advertising client ROIs through the roof with first-party data (looking at ya, agencies!)

Focus on consultancy-icon
Focus on consultancy

Move on from manually wiring up clients’ data to delivering tangible results through consultative service experience.

Keep up with latest technologies-icon
Keep up with latest technologies

The advertising industry is constantly evolving and old tech processes are not enough. New technologies such as CDPs are rising and companies need to keep up.

Work with leading CDP in Southeast Asia-icon
Work with leading CDP in Southeast Asia

Work with experts that helped top banks and telcos in SEA turn regular data integration jobs into high value-added services.

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