Digital Immersion

Digital Immersion partners with Meiro

Delivering wall to wall personalization, Digital Immersion partners with Meiro as a core enabler across digital touch points.

Digital Immersion



Digital Immersion is a digital consultancy that integrates MarTech and customer data to drive growth.

Delivering wall to wall personalisation, Digital Immersion partners with Meiro as a core enabler across digital touch points.


Word from our partner

Paco Albie
“Having used and implemented Meiro for the past 5 years at their key Australian retail clients, Digital Immersion was built to bring enterprise customer data platforms to clients fast! The ability for Meiro to be both standardized and customized makes it the perfect solution for businesses to deliver personalisation in their most profitable revenue streams! We’re excited to show clients how quickly they can have a CDP up and running and generating ROI across Acquisition, Conversion & Retention and how customisable it becomes over time as the business strategy evolves on customer centric decision making".

Why partner up with Meiro?

As a native data integrations focused company, we thrive on collaboration. We are always looking to expand our tech allies and connect with the best ones in the market.

Grow your consulting revenue

Drive advertising client ROIs through the roof with first-party data (looking at ya, agencies!)

Keep up with latest technologies

The advertising industry is constantly evolving and old tech processes are not enough. New technologies such as CDPs are rising and companies need to keep up.

Focus on consultancy

Move on from manually wiring up clients’ data to delivering tangible results through consultative service experience.

Work with leading CDP in Southeast Asia

Work with experts that helped top banks and telcos in SEA turn regular data integration jobs into high value-added services.