Digital Ocean partners with Meiro

Integrate Meiro CDP with Digital Ocean’s infrastructure seamlessly. Meiro CDP can connect and integrate Digital Ocean with any other data sources or destination outside of the DigitalOcean ecosystem for easy data activation in any way you want. Get a better understanding of your customers and what their needs are. Create an accurate customer segmentation that allows you to learn and understand your customers’ behaviour.



Digital Ocean






Digital Ocean is a cloud infrastructure platform that helps to develop, manage and scale your business to greater heights. Their products and services include Developer tools, compute, storage, networking, databases, and management tools.

For their compute tools, you can build and release your products fast with their fast and scalable cloud technology. They help to provide flexible server configurations for your business. The App Platform is one of the computing tools that Digital Ocean provides. It is a fully managed solution that can help build, deploy and scale applications. Digital Ocean will also help to handle infrastructure, application runtime, and dependencies. 

Digital Ocean has a management tool that allows you to monitor your business performance seamlessly. This tool can collect metrics for visibility, monitor performance and receive alerts if there are any issues that arise. Everything is integrated natively as it is open source. It provides a real-time summary dashboard. They can monitor the CPU usage, bandwidth, disk usage, memory storage, and many more. 

These functionalities can help you improve your current business and take it to greater heights. Process your data and create a clear and accurate customer segmentation with Meiro CDP.  Connect your data source and analyze it within Digital Ocean and have it sent and activated to other data destinations within your marketing stack. With Meiro CDP, you have a complete overview of all your data. This can help you improve your business to cater to your customers’ needs.

Connect to any DigitalOcean cloud product, service, or tool that you use. This includes:

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Developer tools
  • Networking
  • Databases
  • Management tools
  • API
  • CLI

Why partner up with Meiro?

As a native data integrations focused company, we thrive on collaboration. We are always looking to expand our tech allies and connect with the best ones in the market.

Grow your consulting revenue-icon
Grow your consulting revenue

Drive advertising client ROIs through the roof with first-party data (looking at ya, agencies!)

Focus on consultancy-icon
Focus on consultancy

Move on from manually wiring up clients’ data to delivering tangible results through consultative service experience.

Keep up with latest technologies-icon
Keep up with latest technologies

The advertising industry is constantly evolving and old tech processes are not enough. New technologies such as CDPs are rising and companies need to keep up.

Work with leading CDP in Southeast Asia-icon
Work with leading CDP in Southeast Asia

Work with experts that helped top banks and telcos in SEA turn regular data integration jobs into high value-added services.

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