Chemist Warehouse unleashes retail media growth with Meiro CDP

Australia, New Zealand
Use cases:
  • Retail media
  • Audience segmentation
  • Retargeting
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
of anonymous users became addressable with 1st-party tracking
in Retail Media Growth contributed by Meiro
audience segments created with Meiro CDP

About the client

As the largest pharmacy retailer in Australia and New Zealand, Chemist Warehouse group has over 550 stores across the country and a strong global e-commerce presence. Their marketing efforts span across 13 channels, with a significant focus on retail media, accounting for millions of dollars in media investment annually. Chemist Warehouse aimed to seize the opportunity to monetize retail media and data on its own but faced challenges in doing so.

Kent Len, Head of Performance Marketing (Media, CRM & Data) at Chemist Warehouse, shares their experience with implementing a Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution that transformed their marketing efforts and strengthened partnerships with vendors.

Client’s challenges

Before adopting Meiro CDP, Chemist Warehouse faced multiple challenges, including:

Prior to adopting Meiro CDP, Chemist faced several challenges in managing customer data, audiences, and marketing campaigns. Firstly, since Chemist’s campaigns utilized multiple channels, including social media, Google, on-site, and email, the team had to build audiences in every system separately, which was time-consuming and resource-intensive given the hundreds of campaigns Chemist ran each month.




Chemist Warehouse needed a CDP solution that offered high level of access and support, flexibility in terms of customization options and seamless integration capabilities.


User-friendly and detailed segmentation tools were essential, along with compatibility with existing marketing channels (such as social media, Google stack, Klaviyo, or Criteo), in order to effectively activate audiences across these channels.


Chemist required the ability to aggregate data from various sources to create comprehensive customer identity with ID graph feature.


Lastly, it was crucial that the data storage complied with Australia's regulatory requirements to ensure a secure and compliant solution.

Solutions delivered by Meiro


Solving identity management challenges

Meiro CDP resolved Chemist Warehouse's data management challenges by implementing a complex identity resolution which in turn enabled the consolidation of a holistic customer view and comprehensive customer profiling. With precise first-party data available in Meiro, Chemist can now see the complete history of users across devices and platforms, encompassing both known and anonymous interactions.

These features enabled Chemist Warehouse to centralize data points, gain better insights into customer behavior, and unlock numerous opportunities for growth while ensuring a gradual and solid progression.


Enrichment of customer data

The CDP enriched segments with smart attributes using custom predictive models, which offered granular customer insights and hyper-targeting capabilities across various product categories. Besides, probability scoring, predictive segments, and custom algorithms were implemented and used for audience expansion.


Data activation across 13+ channels

Meiro enabled Chemist’s team with simple segment building and the capacity to export audiences across various destinations and marketing channels, streamlining Chemist’s processes and saving time.


Dedicated customer support

Another notable benefit was the exceptional customer support provided by the Meiro team, who guided Chemist Warehouse, educated their team and business, and helped them maximize the potential of the platform. This dedicated customer support has proven invaluable in facilitating their business growth and enhancing their marketing automation and campaign efficiency.


Campaign efficiency and personalization

Meiro CDP's rich data sets have generated significant incremental value for Chemist Warehouse's retail media business. By leveraging customer data collected with Meiro CDP, Chemist Warehouse has been able to monetize more of its digital audience than ever and allow its retail partners to deliver 1:1 messages against both loyal brand customers and competitor brand customers. Leveraging Meiro’s native audience integrations, Chemist Warehouse has expanded audiences for partners across multiple platforms and created custom segments tailored to each brand. This approach enhances the effectiveness of campaigns, promotes long-term collaboration, and strengthens loyalty with their partners.


Implementation of audience segment gallery

Additionally, Chemist Warehouse's suppliers can explore audiences and self-serve through a segment gallery, allowing them to examine Chemist Warehouse's audiences and build media plans independently, allowing them to tap into brand media budgets never before allocated to retail partnerships. This added automation streamlines the process of media planning and campaign execution for their partners, media agencies, and brand managers, further enhancing the overall win-win which is achieved for both retailer and brand.


Understanding the media value of a single customer

The ability to give brands access to real-time insight into their customer base and transactional feedback on the influence of their marketing dollars has ingrained Meiro’s CDP as a core component of its digital growth. Understanding the media value of a single customer allowed retail brands to invest in extended marketing. Besides, Meiro helped expand the monetization opportunities and placement of their omnichannel customers to CMOs, Media Agencies, Brand Managers, and Social Media Managers.

In conclusion, Chemist Warehouse's adoption of Meiro CDP has led to improved marketing efficiency, stronger partnerships, and increased budgets for its digital retail media program. By showcasing its added value and leveraging the power of data, Chemist Warehouse continues to attract potential customers and thrive in the competitive retail pharmacy industry.


+200 audience segments created with Meiro CDP

+25% in Retail Media Growth contributed by Meiro

10.9M of anonymous users became addressable with 1st-party tracking

Enablement of customer-level monetization measurement

"Meiro has streamlined our processes, enriched our data, and provided invaluable customer insights that have improved our approach and efficiency to campaigns. The exceptional support we've received from the Meiro team has been instrumental in our success, and I would recommend Meiro CDP to businesses seeking to optimize their marketing strategies and drive growth. As we look ahead, I am excited about the potential of Meiro CDP in further optimizing our marketing strategies and driving growth for our business."

Kent Len
Head of Performance Marketing, Chemist Warehouse