Technical Support

Last Update: December 5, 2018

Definitions and interpretation

“Client” means, in relation to this guideline the person in whose name an order for Meiro System was placed pursuant to the applicable Order Form.

“Incident” means (i) any single event, or (ii) any set of events, that result in an unplanned interruption or reduction in the quality of Meiro System.

“Meiro” means Meiro Pte. Ltd. (Singapore Company Registration No. 201716898D).

“Meiro System” means the extract, transform, presentation, load and export service which Meiro operates to facilitate the extraction, storage, transformation, load, presentation and export of the Client data from various sources to various destinations.

“Order Form” means, in relation to any order for the Meiro System services, the order form (in the form prescribed by Meiro) entered into between a Client and Meiro or a Partner (as the case may be) for such order.

“Problem” means an issue that can cause an Incident.

“Technical Support” means an assistance for Users having technical problems with Meiro System.

“Users” means in relation to this guideline the Client and the person authorised by the Client, within the scope of its subscription under the Order Form, to use Meiro System.

Technical Support is available to all Users and applies only to Meiro System. In general, the Technical Support provides means to solve a Problem that can occur in Meiro System itself. It applies on all parts of Meiro System developed and maintained by Meiro, but not on any software or technical parts of the Meiro System that has been provided by any third party. Example: the Technical Support is provided in case there is a Bug in component created by Meiro (for example Connector, Processor, Loader, scheduling, monitoring, alerting) which is not behaving in expected way. Technical Support does not cover help with using provided technologies. For example – if Connector execution ends with internal error message, Technical Support will provide Bug fix. However, if the Client does not have knowledge on how to write SQL query, this is covered by paid support as consultancy.

Before contacting the Technical Support Users should explore help that is readily available. This help might come from When such help has been exhausted and assistance is needed, Users should contact the Technical Support through email Problems are handled by consultant who works with the User to identify and (in many cases) to resolve the Problem. The consultant may pass the Problem to another consultant.

Technical Support is provided in English. A Technical Support consultant will respond to the User who reported the Problem within 36 hours, with the exception of Problems that are reported on weekends and public holiday in Singapore (however, Meiro’s consultants operate also in other destinations than Singapore and it is possible that the consultant might be available during the public holiday as well).

Meiro System is not considered a business critical system. Because of the complex nature of software development and operating environments, Meiro cannot guarantee the exact time that it will take to resolve a Problem. In addition, Meiro response times might be affected if Meiro does not receive the requested information and/or Meiro is not allowed remote access to the Client’s relevant network(s) or system(s), as applicable. If the consultant is awaiting further information from the User, the consultant makes at least one attempt by email to contact the User within a few business days. During this contact, the consultant communicates a timeline for archiving the Problem if further information is not provided. Meiro endeavors to resolve Problems as expeditiously as possible.

The Technical Support does not apply to any issues:

(i) Due to factor outside Meiro’s reasonable control including any force majeure event;

(ii) Resulting from any actions or inactions of the User, Client or any third party;

(iii) Related to third party services and software;

(iv) Resulting from the use of services, equipment, hardware, software or other technology not provided by Meiro;

(v) Resulting from failure to adhere with all applicable policies and requirements issued by Meiro;

(vi) Resulting from the Client’s or User’s failure to follow appropriate security practices;

(vii) During or with respect to preview, pre-release, beta or trial versions of Meiro System, feature or software (as determined by Meiro);

(viii) In case of the Client’s delay with the payment of any invoice or the part of the invoice related to Meiro System longer than 45 days.