Golden record of customer

Unify customer data across your business units and products under a single customer view.

Client’s challenges:

Creating validated, verifiable, quantifiable audience inventories is difficult without tech resources. With legacy systems, audience segmentation and activation require IT resources and take too much time, significantly constraining advertising efficiency.

Meiro’s solutions:

Meiro CDP allows business users to create precise, cross-domain audiences with a simple, no-code segment builder requiring zero IT assistance. Seamless integrations with advertising and programmatic platforms enable you to export built audiences in just a few clicks.

Customer lifetime value (CLV)
Customer loyalty
Customer wallet share
Customer service
Online ads
Push notifications
Web banners
Looking for ways to improve campaign performance, find new customers, and drive revenue?

Look no further — unleash the full potential of your customer data with Meiro.

More use cases to explore

Personalize CX to anonymous visitors

Reengage and convert unauthenticated users with web personalization thanks to 1st-party tracking.

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Risk management

Mitigate risks by identifying potential fraudulent activities through real-time analysis of customer behaviors and anomaly detection.

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Customize notifications based on weather conditions

Engage your users in real-time and respond quickly to the dynamic nature of their environment.

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