Next-Best-Offer (NBO)

Determine the best timing for offering your clients relevant services based on their product ownership and behavioral signals.

Client’s challenges:

Organizational challenges arise with separate product teams having their own KPIs to meet are competing for customer attention in predefined campaign slots with little consideration for the relevance and timeliness of the offerings.

Meiro’s solutions:

Meiro identifies customer affinity and propensity for a product adoption by analyzing cross-device and cross-channel user behavior. This data can be used to create relevant campaigns and offers to drive conversions.

Besides, Meiro is able to customize predictive models, or integrate models internally developed by the bank's Data Science team to fit specific business needs and support direct integrations to omnichannel campaign management tools, branch CRM, and call center.

Customer lifetime value (CLV)
Total revenue
Customer service
Online ads
Push notifications
Web banners
Looking for ways to improve campaign performance, find new customers, and drive revenue?

Look no further — unleash the full potential of your customer data with Meiro.

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Risk management

Mitigate risks by identifying potential fraudulent activities through real-time analysis of customer behaviors and anomaly detection.

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