Optimize ad performance and spend through suppression

Stop wasting ad budgets with ineffective and irrelevant campaigns. Suppress already converted or unfit audiences from targeting to ensure ad relevance and maximum conversion rates.

Client’s challenges:

Targeting users with irrelevant offers damages your brand’s reputation and wastes ad budget. Marketing to highly engaged or converted audiences too proves inefficient as marketing bucks would rather be spent on customers who need more persuasion.

Meiro’s solutions:

Our solution integrates 1st-party tracking and leverages available Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data to provide real-time segmentation and enhanced addressability. By employing this approach, we can exclude already converted or highly engaged audiences from remarketing campaigns, target high-propensity customers exclusively, and create lookalike audiences based on the characteristics of your most valuable customers.

Looking for ways to improve campaign performance, find new customers, and drive revenue?

Look no further — unleash the full potential of your customer data with Meiro.

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