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Enhance your customer experience by collecting feedback and improving your business to meet customer expectations.


Client’s challenges:

Fragmented feedback sources and the difficulty in effectively understanding and leveraging customer sentiment and preferences across multiple channels.

Meiro’s solutions:

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) serves as a valuable tool for collecting user and customer feedback from diverse sources like surveys, social media, support tickets, and online reviews. By centralizing this feedback, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiment, preferences, needs, pain points, and satisfaction levels. This valuable information fuels product improvements, optimizes customer experiences, and informs marketing strategies. Furthermore, by integrating feedback with other customer data, such as demographics and purchase history, businesses can personalize interactions, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

E-commerce & Retail
Customer loyalty
Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)
Net promoter score (NPS)
Retention rate
Push notifications
Web banners
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More use cases to explore


Personalize CX to anonymous visitors

Reengage and convert unauthenticated users with web personalization thanks to 1st-party tracking.

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Win back dissatisfied customers

Proactively prevent customer churn by offering them attractive coupons to compensate for their low satisfaction score and thus improve your NPS.

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Promo code to complement an offline purchase

After a recent purchase, reward your customers with a coupon or a recommendation for a complementary product to re-engage and encourage them to repeat the purchase.

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