RFM analysis and scoring

Leverage every customer interaction to rank them in real time and use these attributes in segmentation and campaign targeting.

Client’s challenges:

Historically customer scoring and segmentation was a batch process a company would run twice a year. The problem is that the customer can change segments based on the latest transaction or a few clicks in the app. If these signals are not being considered in how we treat this customer, brands lose opportunities to create value.

Meiro’s solutions:

Meiro’s algorithm leverages every single interaction of each customer in real-time and rank them accordingly. This classification can be instantly used in segmentation and campaign targeting.

  • RFM segments: to identify distinct customers segments and customize their engagement strategy
  • Propensity scoring: how likely particular customer is to convert
  • Product lifecycle scoring: combination of signals into one metric that tells how ready particular customer is to replace their product.
E-commerce & Retail
Customer lifetime value (CLV)
Online ads
Push notifications
Web banners
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