Single customer view across multiple domains

Create 360 customer profiles that unify user data across different domains, platforms, or brands.

Client’s challenges:

When a retailer has multiple brands, data silos are likely to occur. This fragmentation of data hinders effective audience segmentation, targeting and personalization, especially for users who are not logged in.

Meiro’s solutions:

Meiro unifies user identifiers and data from various domains and devices under single profiles. This helps retailers gather richer insights into customer preferences and behavior, which can be used for more effective segmentation.

  • 360 view of users across properties and products
  • Allows tracking unauthenticated users
  • Profile deduplication in real-time.
Select industry:
Customer lifetime value (CLV)
Customer loyalty
Customer wallet share
Customer service
Online ads
Push notifications
Web banners
Looking for ways to improve campaign performance, find new customers, and drive revenue?

Look no further — unleash the full potential of your customer data with Meiro.

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Reengage and convert unauthenticated users with web personalization thanks to 1st-party tracking.

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Win back dissatisfied customers

Proactively prevent customer churn by offering them attractive coupons to compensate for their low satisfaction score and thus improve your NPS.

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Request feedback

Enhance your customer experience by collecting feedback and improving your business to meet customer expectations.

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