Singles day & Black Friday – How CDP can help you to do better in 2019

So, Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday have come and gone. How long did your teams work on these campaigns over the last month (or longer)? How easy is it to measure the impact of these campaigns? If you’re a marketer at an enterprise-level company, chances are you’re using 20 or more different software “solutions.”

Marketing technology landscape

In a way, these different systems are connected, probably with a mix of manual and automated work done by several teams. In the business, this is called a “marketing cloud” – but it’s not really a cloud, and it’s really hard to market things with it.

Your workflow likely included a bunch of different teams – social, ads, pre-sales, email, web – all funnelling different data to your already-overworked IT team with requests for different audiences and segments. Because of this setup, there were likely a good number of people working through the weekend, refreshing your target audiences for Black Friday based on Singles Day data, and then again for Cyber Monday with data from Singles Day and Black Friday. Maybe this works for your organization – sales are strong, margins look good, and so on – but you could do all of this much more effectively and with A LOT less work. The answer is an enterprise-grade customer data platform (CDP). You’ll stop thinking in terms of channels, and start thinking in terms of customers.

what is customer data platform

In short, a CDP connects to, unifies, cleanses, and activates ALL of your first-party customer data from not one or two, but all marketing channels and tools. Businesses are wasting hundreds of hours collecting and organizing data, when a CDP does this in near real-time – creating persistent customer profiles that can be activated and deployed by the most non-technical of marketers. With a few clicks, you can create rich, detailed custom audiences for any platform and channel, and personalize content based on every piece of behavioural data your company has. We are curious how you did. Take our quick survey and we will share the result in next post! If you want to know more about what CDPs are, how they transform the way you use customer data, and – most importantly – how they can truly transform your business, here are some good places to start:

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