May Update: Analyse cross-device customers' journeys in one view

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Introducing the newest feature, Funnels, a no-code analytical tool to help you understand cross-device customer journeys and optimise the performance of your marketing campaigns.

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Pavel Bulowski

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Envision a customer journey that begins with online research, transitions to an offline purchase, or involves exploring options on the website and a mobile app, completing KYC processes offline, and concluding with an online transaction.

Our CDP enables seamless tracking of these scenarios in a single view, eliminating the need for complicated ETL jobs and the hassle of complex data integrations. Only with a consolidated Single Customer View across all channels and touchpoints can you meaningfully analyse how your prospects move towards conversion through each marketing or sales funnel stage.

Let’s dive right in!

Visualise your customer journey with no-code reports and analytics

Using Funnels, you can now easily track how many prospects move through each stage of the marketing or sales funnel towards conversion, whether it’s completing a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a form.

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Filter and compare behaviours of different customer segments to identify crucial bottlenecks

While a decrease in conversion rates along the journey is normal, unusual drops may indicate issues at certain touchpoints. Create charts based on the attributes to investigate and pinpoint any changes that impact conversion rates. By understanding where the drop-offs occur, you can adjust the strategies to improve engagement and retention at each funnel stage.

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Gain insights into how customers interact with your brand cross-device and cross-touchpoints

Investigate how customers engage with your brand across various devices and touchpoints, including their behaviours, preferences, and engagement patterns. Understanding these interactions can help you refine your marketing tactics and enhance the overall customer experience.

product update funnels customer engagement meiro cdp

Manage access control of your team members

Set the right people to see and edit the right charts. Give permission to view or edit charts so your team can work together more effectively.

product update funnels customer engagement meiro cdp

Check out in-depth guidance on effectively utilising Funnels in our documentation.

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