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We’ve seen far too many companies that are unable to realize the potential of their data - so we decided to do something about it. The result is Meiro, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that unifies your data, builds rich customer profiles, and creates enriched custom audiences to be delivered to any customer activation platform - with just a few clicks.

Jana Marle Zizkova

CEO | Founder

It’s been a labour of love, but Meiro - our new Customer Data Platform (CDP) is ready for action. Our goal with Meiro is pretty straightforward - we want to empower businesses to maximize the potential of their first-party data. To do that, we built Meiro for non-technical teams. Marketers can, with just a few clicks, build and deliver rich custom audiences to any team or any platform. No more data mining requests, no more swamped IT teams, no more delays. Meiro consolidates customer behavior data from every source - online, offline, in-store, CRM, DMP, and more - unifies it, and makes it available to the entire organization.

First-party data is the most valuable asset any organization has - but only if it’s managed correctly and put to use. In our view, the many promises of "big data" and marketing technology have remained largely unfulfilled. We’ve been hearing about enhanced personalization for years, but, in our experience, businesses still have their data in silos, spread across several platforms for specific teams, and they’re just not getting everything out of it. Our system lets marketers go beyond merely identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, they can build a custom audience, a look-alike custom audience, and deliver content to them in a matter of minutes - and they can do it all with confidence.

The key to Meiro is connectivity. We come from the data analytics world, and we’ve seen far too many systems that promise a “360-degree customer view” but fall short on delivery. Some take a ton of manual development or engineering work, others integrate with only a select set of other systems, and almost none let non-technical users create and deploy datasets on-demand. It’s a win-win! Marketers and advertisers can jump on trends in real-time without having to go to the IT team for export, and data scientists have standardized, structured data and more time to work with it. We’ve built a system that changes the data governance landscape, and the positive effects will ripple across the entire organization - from marketing to sales to compliance. The system connects to every platform and consolidates data into an actionable view for the entire business. Marketers can deliver campaigns, IT teams have full control, transparency and visibility overall data flow, and compliance is made easy - all with one system.

In short, there’s a lot more to do, and we’re excited. Sign up for our email alerts, follow us on social, or drop us a line to find out more. Thank you! The Meiro Team

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Jana Marle Zizkova

Jana is the co-founder and CEO of Meiro. She is passionate about data, tea, art, diversity, and her non-profit initiative @Shelovesdata.