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Our team has been working with data for years, and we’ve heard the same refrain time and time again from marketers: They need a real solution to their data problems. They know they have “big” data, they know that they know quite a bit about their customers, but they don’t have the tools to activate that data to actually reach audiences as individuals with unique messages.

Jana Marle Zizkova

CEO | Founder

Marketers have a problem

A typical business has its data siloed in at least 30 different systems – systems that are only partially connected and almost certainly aren’t unified. For the last decade or more, we’ve been talking about targeting and personalization in the marketing industry, but the problem has not been solved. In fact, it’s only become more complex. There are so many siloed systems and applications dealing with customer data that it has become even more difficult to create one holistic view of the customer than it was just a few years ago.

Our product – our solution

Meiro is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that unifies your customer behavior data into one actionable view. It’s an easy-to-deploy data layer that sits between your data sources – CRM, DMP, offline, apps, online, social, IoT, and more – and the platforms that can use that data right now – EDM, social, DMP, SMS, email, everything. Key component of CDP is a cross-device identification engine that allows you to track customer footprints across all channels and touchpoints, from the first contact to sales to retention, online to offline..

The power of first-party data

CDP works with first-party data, the most-valuable asset any organization has. Repeat customers are far more valuable (and affordable) than acquiring new business, and Meiro CDP will help you put Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) front and center. Your data will be unified and actionable for your teams – in real-time – with just a few clicks.

With Meiro, you’ll do more

  • Immediately identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities based on rich customer profiles built from online and offline behavior data.
  • Build enriched custom audiences for any marketing platform (EDM, DMP), and make them available to any team.
  • Data-governance regime to stay ahead of regulatory requirements, shifting business needs, and more.
  • Easy and transparent data collection & data cleansing

Our entire philosophy with Meiro is to focus relentlessly on integrations, ease-of-use, and unlocking the power of personalization. We’re building a platform that will create a level of customer intimacy that businesses have been demanding for years.

We think we’re on to something

We’ve seen the power of unified, standardized first-party data, and our AI-powered segmentation and personalization engines are more than up to the task. Not only will marketing departments be able to act faster on every platform, they’ll be acting from a place of knowledge drawn from every piece of first-party data in the organization. Not only will your teams be able to spring into action from day-to-day, your organization will be able to focus on Customer Lifetime Value, profitability, future behavior, churn, and the metrics that fuel long-term growth.

Putting integrations first

Meiro integrates with every platform, but that’s not the point. Every SaaS system “integrates with every other system,” right? The difference is that we do this better, faster, and smoother than anyone else. We’ve been doing it for years! That sort of efficiency will, we think, have ripple effects across organizations. Marketing departments and IT departments will rejoice at having to deal with one another a fraction of the time!

Who we are

We love and understand data. We’re data nerds with years of experience implementing data engineering and data science projects for global clients in Europe and Asia. Singapore serves as our business hub, R&D is in Central Europe, and we’re focusing our business efforts on Australia and Asia. Then, on to Europe! Why are we doing it like this? Well, we feel like so many enterprise businesses are just too US-centric. We’ve made Asia our home (or, it’s taken us in), and we want to focus on the many dynamic markets here with a product built with this region in mind. Meiro is Japanese for “labyrinth”, after all, and we’re looking to help businesses navigate the maze that is big data. Our plan is to launch Meiro in the coming weeks and encourage you to fill out the form below to find out more about CDPs, what they can do for your business, and why Meiro might just be the answer.

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Jana Marle Zizkova

Jana is the co-founder and CEO of Meiro. She is passionate about data, tea, art, diversity, and her non-profit initiative @Shelovesdata.